Letter to the Editor: In response to CSUF faculty on Milo Yiannopoulos’ ‘Troll Academy’

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In light of a recent op-ed signed by faculty and published Oct. 15, I felt it necessary to speak to the main concerns they brought up.

The first is their disdain for the notion that a university would serve as a “marketplace of ideas.” The CSUF Republicans have spoken multiple times about the importance of freedom of speech in colleges. The faculty’s emotionally charged response to Interim Provost Anil Puri’s description of the open sharing of ideas shows they must not understand the freedoms we deserve on campus. “The marketplace” is not to be feared. As thought leaders, it should be the faculty’s obligation to equip students with the tools to discern and pursue truth.

The second point is one of safety. Our group has worked relentlessly to ensure safety for all guests attending the event. Regardless of any security cost, the state and the school have a duty to protect anyone’s right to speak. With outside and opposing groups being the main perpetrators of violence, the only campus event posing a safety concern is the faculty-supported and student-led Unity Block Party, a function that was planned in response to Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance and has since attracted the attention of the Los Angeles branch of antifa and other known groups to use violent means to accomplish their menacing goals.

Titans, we need to reach higher. Blaming the College Republicans for the actions and tendencies of radical leftist groups ignores the real issue. There is a blatant attack on our right to speak freely. If anyone is to be denounced, it is those who block our right to free speech and association. If they stop our speech, yours is next.

President of CSUF Republicans Amanda McGuire

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