CSUF’s student recreation center to start new fitness program in spring 2018

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A new fitness program will find its way to Cal State Fullerton spring 2018.

The Titan Student Centers Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve bringing the F45 Training workout program to CSUF Wednesday.

The program is a high-intensity, circuit-training workout that aims to reach students who have little time to exercise. It has already been implemented on other campuses, including University of Southern California and UC Irvine. The program is named for its 45-minute “functional training” courses.

“I think this is a really big trend in recreation. Having something like that on our campus that is cutting edge and that is popping up in fitness studios all across Orange County, I think it’s going to be exciting,” said Chair of TSC Board of Trustees Jared Hill.

The program offers daily workouts through an instructional video. There are over 3,000 exercises developed, which are meant to ensure that “members never get the same workout twice,” according to the F45 Training website.

“I thought it would be a great fit for our students and members. It’s kind of the new-age way of working out. More full-body, circuit-training, fast-moving, and it was something that I thought could be adaptable to all different fitness levels,” said Director of Titan Recreation Aaron Tapper.

The program will be free to students for the first year after installment, but it will then have an instructional course fee of $20 per semester. The Student Recreation Center is working on a fee for non-students to make up some of the cost deficits while accommodating an appropriate price for students.

“I wanted a new program to be as accessible as possible to all students,” Hill said. “We felt like coming up with $20 a semester, $40 total, was something that was very accessible for students.”

Tapper said once the program is fully installed and ready to use, he hopes it will work well with every student’s schedule.

“It’s 45 minutes. If you have a quick break between classes or if you’re on your lunch break, you can get in and take a class,” Tapper said. “The other thing that’s nice is that it’s video programmed out, so the program is done for you. You can show up to the class, do the 45 minutes, get a great workout and be done and go on with your day.”

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