After dark, CSUF serves as a place for dance teams to rehearse

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If you’ve ever walked through CSUF after dark, you may have noticed the groups of dancers practicing on campus. Their quick, sudden movements send fluttering shadows across the cement, as they articulate the movement of the music with their bodies.

There are several different dance teams that use the campus as a rehearsal space. Some use it because it’s a central location to meet, others, like Prime.D Danceteam use it because of the roots they have there.

“I think Cal State Fullerton has kind of been an oasis a lot of dance teams,” director of Prime.D Martin Delgado said, “The way (the campus) has shown their appreciation and acceptance towards the dancers here has been really good.”

Prime.D has been practicing at CSUF since it was started 8 years ago by Delgado, who graduated from CSUF in 2012.

Other groups just use the campus because it’s a good meeting spot.

“It’s a central location. We have a lot of people from different areas like Cerritos, Anaheim and Garden Grove and some people from LA and Long Beach so this is just kind of in the middle,” said Kaitlyn Sung, a member from a team called The Family Project.

Both teams are preparing for an upcoming competition called Maxed Out Dance, which will be held in Monrovia High School’s auditorium. While Prime.D is an established team that has been around for almost a decade, The Family Project came together just a few months ago, specifically for the competition.

“A lot of us never knew eachother before this,” Sung said.

Teams have practiced on the upper levels of parking structures and in other open spaces on campus.

Delgado said he has been involved in urban dance since around 2000. His Cal State Fullerton dance career began with the Filipino club, PASA (Philippine American Student Association), where he auditioned and made it onto Infinite Possibilities, the PASA hip hop dance team, in 2008. He spent the first fall semester learning, and the following semester, he became the artistic director, which he said was a quick transition.

Delgado said he wanted to be a bit more competitive, so he started Prime.D in 2010.

“It’s still going, eight years later,” Delgado said.

Christian Wu has been a part of Prime.D for four years. He teaches dance at three different studios in the area and also coaches the all male team at Troy High School.

“I think our baseline or our biggest thing is always about self development and being able to be open-minded and push not only your body, because dance is pushing your body, but also your mind,” said Wu.

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