What to do if you get stuck in an elevator at CSUF

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Taking an elevator is an efficient and practical way to get to class without breaking a sweat, but the procedures for dealing with a stuck elevator aren’t well-known.

On Sept. 8, an elevator in the Humanities and Social Sciences building suffered technical problems, trapping an individual on the eighth floor. The person was rescued after eight minutes.

The elevator was inspected in June of this year and the permit is not set to expire until 2018. However, the fact that it got stuck shows a continued need for students to be prepared and cautious.

“Hitting the elevator phones or the speaker, (the call) will go directly to the University Police dispatch, and they will get an elevator tech or somebody from facilities to go respond to those right away,” said University Police Capt. Scot Willey.

Elevators are required to have safety mechanisms that prevent the doors from opening half way but in some cases, these mechanisms don’t work.

“I had a coworker, somebody that I knew, at Long Beach State that was killed by an elevator because they tried to climb out when it was stuck,” Willey said. “If (people) are ever trapped in an elevator and the door is open half way, they are not to try and climb out.”

If a student is stuck in an elevator, there are steps they can take to minimize harm. Those who are trapped in an elevator are encouraged to remain calm, press the alarm or help buttons and wait for trained personnel, according to the National Elevator Industry’s website.

“Stay inside the elevator no matter what happens,” Willey said.

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