Environmental Protection Agency head is killing the environment

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By canceling a meeting of Environmental Protection Agency scientists, the Trump administration and Scott Pruitt expressed how against climate change they are. Denying the facts and not allowing advancements in environmental protection will only hinder the future of a healthier climate. (Courtesy of Flickr)

With President Donald Trump’s cabinet falling apart piece by piece, it’s troubling that the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Scott Pruitt, is still roaming around denying climate change and science itself.

Government scientists were supposed to meet Monday to discuss climate change and present research that could potentially further the fight for a cleaner environment. However, the Trump administration pulled the meeting last minute without any substantial explanation.

The public response to this–as it is with anything the Trump administration does–was outrage.

Protests erupted near the site of the forgoed meeting Monday, with students and teachers alike holding signs expressing their opposition to the EPA’s decision to remain silent.

A clear and harrowing explanation for this political interference is that the administration prefers to keep the EPA and the public hidden from any possible updates that would go against their backwards, climate-change-denier thinking.

The meeting would have given scientists an update on the changing of climates in ecologically vital areas, like the Narragansett Bay, New England’s largest estuary, stands as a vital geographical location for Rhode Island both economically and environmentally.

This act is almost cartoonish in how obvious the administration is being. To cancel the meeting just before it was going to happen and not give any reasonable explanation, while also having Pruitt head the EPA is incredibly transparent.

The nation’s biggest threat in the fight for improving climate is denying scientists the right to advance.

In a 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, 67 percent of Americans relied on climate scientists in decision making for global climate change, while elected officials were supported the lowest at 44 percent.

It seems odd that elected officials would be careless enough to silence the scientists who people rely on so much, and who the officials themselves should rely on.

It’s even more troubling to think of the significance of the scheduled meeting.

The meeting was intended to give a status update on the bay that could lead to further revelations on climate change and advancements in methods of combatting it.

However, this problem isn’t solely for the EPA to handle. It’s up to the administration. But seeing as how they just removed the words “climate” and “change” off the front page of the EPA’s website and took away multiple links to research and information on the subject, a change doesn’t seem to be coming in the slightest.

A report by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative analyzed the changes made on the website and highlighted the fact that the information on the site had been cut over 200 pages.

Even the administration isn’t trying to keep their narrow-mindedness a secret.

All this investigation into Pruitt and Trump doesn’t do a whole lot of good for anyone. They still have the power to silence what was really the best step forward in the fight for a healthier climate.

However, not all hope is lost. And in a time like now, when the Federal government is majority Republican, a strong voice and active opposition is vital.

Protesters gathered outside of the meeting location in Rhode Island Monday with signs reading “denial is not a policy” and “un-gag EPA.”

While the meeting has already been canceled and that opportunity lost, the opposition to the cancellation can be just as impactful.

It’s clear that Pruitt is the problem in this entire debacle. Since day one, he’s been opposed to believing in — let alone fixing — climate change and has actively thwarted any real chance at advancing any global initiative.

Back in March, when Pruitt made comments that questioned the relationship between climate change and human activity, the public flooded his voicemail and email with concern and opposition to his remarks.

Now, that didn’t really end with anything productive besides silencing Pruitt for a couple weeks and hopefully allowing the administration to consider Pruitt’s place in the EPA, but that doesn’t mean people should be discouraged.

If such an overwhelming majority of the population has a problem with an administrator, it would be in the government’s best interest to remove said person.

Thankfully, the EPA website didn’t take everything important away. Here’s Pruitt’s office number: 202-564-4700. With enough concern and annoyance by the public, there’s no way the administration can ignore what a tremendously horrid job Pruitt has been doing at protecting the Earth, you know, the place where we all live.

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