Disrespectful internet personalities don’t deserve fame

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There has been a recent increase in fame and popularity around incoherent and talentless individuals who break the internet with recorded acts of stupidity. They do not deserve the attention and it’s annoying to watch.

Videos of these extreme personalities attract millions of views around the world, giving them the opportunity to become an overnight social media sensation.

Danielle Bregoli coined the phrase “Cash Me Outside,” after appearing on “Dr. Phil” and exploding into the spotlight. The 14-year-old girl grew popular by being horribly disrespectful to both her mother and Dr. Phil on live television.

It is infuriating to watch someone like her score a multimillion-dollar contract with Atlantic Records and have a TV show in preproduction.

It seems ridiculous but society enjoys watching the outrageous messy life of an attention-seeking teenager, even if it’s at her own expense. People who watch her content don’t take into account the rude comments she is praised for.

Teens like Bregoli seek attention through the wrong means and although they don’t deserve it, they continue to receive.

There are so many people in the world who have gone above and beyond in their fields of expertise and contributed to society a lot more than some of these do-nothing stars, yet they continue to go unnoticed due to this type of celebrity hierarchy.

“Firefighters from the recent fires were actually inmates, so those inmates don’t get noticed just because of who they are. But someone like the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl gets more fame,” said CSUF business major Janine Kison.

These talentless online personalities only become more popular when people talk about them. There is no escaping the trending disease once it spreads across all media platforms.

CSUF child development major Tiana Simons said that the rise of fame in internet celebrities is unjustified to all other people who deserve it.

“It’s not really fair for the talented people that are working really hard trying to become famous,” Simons said.

Although the spreading of these stupid internet personalities seems like an inevitable force, people can stop the spreading of this content by ignoring it and simply scrolling past it. Instead, sharing the content of those who make an impact for the better or have actual talents should be the ones going viral.

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