CSUF’s new mammoth display struggling with faulty alarm

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Cal State Fullerton held a STEM research event for the Girl Scouts of Orange County Oct. 15 in the Titan Student Union, where a newly installed mammoth fossil sits enclosed in a glass case.

During the event, the alarm attached to the mammoth occasionally went off when someone walked past the display.

The attendees went about the event as if the blaring alarm wasn’t even there, it’s clarion calls didn’t alert University Police either.

“We are not aware of such an alarm there. We are not receiving anything in dispatch. There has been talk of an alarm, but it would be kept within the mammoth enclosure,” said University Police Capt. Scott Willey in a text message.

Carol McDoniel, director of administration for Associated Students, Inc., said they are the ones who have been dealing with the alarm issue.

“Alarms like that, it’s a perimeter alarm, so it is motion activated. It is still being adjusted,” McDoniel said, adding that they believe the current changing weather and resulting changes in sunlight are leading to the alarm malfunctioning.

Even the simplest shadowing from the sun beams can cause the alarm to sound, leaving the TSU staff to monitor it until the alarm adjusts to the new environment, McDoniel said.

The Girl Scouts event led to a lot more foot traffic than the alarm had dealt with before, which resulted in the malfunction.

“That was reported to the facility staff and they’ve been continuing to adjust the alarm and we’re still having more adjustments that are necessary,” McDoniel said. “It’s still not working perfectly.”

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