Fullerton City Planning Commission votes against cannabis amendment

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(Ethan Peschansky / Daily Titan)

Fullerton City Planning Commission voted 4-2 Wednesday night against an amendment to the Fullerton Municipal Code that would prohibit land uses related to recreational marijuana.

The main goal of the amendment was to establish local control of land use at the city level before the state-designated Jan. 1 deadline, when the state Bureau of Cannabis Control will issue licences to recreational marijuana businesses.

Fullerton already prohibits land uses regarding medical marijuana. However, there are no currently stated restrictions for recreational land use.

When the planning commission last met Sept. 13, they asked city staff to draft a more flexible resolution that would include potential zoning locations and uses. However, the commissioners expressed frustration at the lack of options presented during the Wednesday meeting.

“We gave them different direction with regard to where we wanted to go and apparently, they didn’t take our direction. What they gave us tonight was what they gave us two weeks ago, which is what we rejected,” said Planning Commission Chair Peter Gambino. “We rejected it two weeks ago. We rejected it tonight.”

While there is no set date for this item to be agendized again, it is expected to be back as soon as city staff can bring more information to the commission.

“I think the next step is they need to revise and dust off the study that they have, and we can take a look at where it can be permitted,” Gambino said.

Even if a new resolution does appear at city council, some council members are waiting for more information as well.

“I do want to hear out what our options are so that … I can have a better understanding of it,” said Councilman Jesus Silva. “I do want to look at it and whatever they decide, I still would want to bring it to council so we can hear it out and see if we agree or disagree.”

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