Cal State Fullerton women’s basketball falls to Denver for fourth loss of season

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After breaking a three-game losing streak on Saturday, Cal State Fullerton women’s basketball was unable to keep the ball rolling, taking an 83-58 loss at home against Denver on Monday night.

Both teams started the game slow with Denver only notching four points and Fullerton pocketing three in the first six minutes of play.

The Titans scored first, but their momentum stalled as Denver knocked down seven of their 12 3-pointers while Fullerton missed four of its six free throws.

Titans center Daeja Smith said those and other little things are what the team has to shift its focus on perfecting going into their next game.

“Free throws, boxing out and rebounding are going to be our emphasis from here,” Smith said.

At the half, the Titans trailed 40-26 with Jade Vega having 7 points to lead the team, but though Fullerton was able to come out on the court with fresher legs and a new mindset after the break, the deficit only grew larger.

“We try not to focus on the negative and we try to keep our heads in a positive space,” Vega said.

The Titans were unable to do so Monday, with their 25-point halftime deficit proving too much to overcome.

“We come out at half time like it’s 0-0. It’s a whole new ball game, so at the end of the day we can still win. We can still get a bucket and still try to do what we can to come out on top,” Smith said.

Vega and Smith led the team in points, Vega with 11 and Smith finishing with 15.

Coming off the bench, freshman Carolyn Gill finished with the third highest points for the Titans (8), six of which she scored in the first period when she was able to make open shots from the corner, making up half of the team’s 12 points for the period.

“Coach always talks about who is going to be that spark off the bench. He talks about how important the bench is, so just because you’re not starting doesn’t mean you’re not important,” Gill said.

The team was disappointed to come off a “great win” and follow it with a loss on its home court, but it recognizes that it is still learning as a new team.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m confident we’re going to bounce back and have a great week at practice,” said Titans Head Coach Jeff Harada.

The Titans will face Montana on the road Friday.

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