CSUF’s University Police Department adds a dog to their bomb squad

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(Courtesy of Matt Bauer)

Adorable as he may be, the newest member of the Cal State Fullerton University Police Department can sniff away explosive threats on campus.

Glock, a 15-month-old Labrador Retriever, is the new Explosive Detection Team dog for University Police.

“For many years, we have brought K-9 detection dogs on campus for larger events. With the things that are going on in the the world and around our country with explosives, (University Police) started thinking there’s so many more events we can use a detection dog if we had our own,” said Support Services Capt. John Brockie.

After looking into the cost and the amount of events on campus, University Police discovered that it was able to include a detection dog as part of its services.

“We realized that we could integrate (Glock) into our patrol Monday through Thursday, during the days we have our most students here,” Brockie said.

Trained on 16 different odors “that are consistent with explosives,” including gunpowder and residues, Glock can alert his handler, Officer Matt Bauer, about the dangers inside a suspicious package.

“We would try and locate the best possible way to approach the suspicious package,” Bauer said. “If he would indicate on it, he would alert me. Usually it’s a passive alert, so he would sit down or lay down.”

Glock has been training since he was seven months old and continues to train every two hours on one of the 16 odors. Bauer said he will be training “for the rest of his life.”

“His drive is what really attracted the department to him, because when he’s ready to work, it’s incredible. He’s a super high-drive dog, and that’s what you want in any working dog,” Bauer said.

Glock is a toy-driven working dog, which means he is propelled to excel in his training with incentivized chewing toys and tennis balls.

“The magic between the handler and the K-9 is trying to figure out what keeps that motivation up,” Bauer said.

When not training or in the department offices, he is kept in a K-9 air-conditioned, temperature-safe vehicle. University Police are currently in the process of having more spacious housing built.

A friendly and loveable dog, Glock is good with everyone he meets. Once the work day is over, he goes home with Bauer and plays with his canine friends Doug and Pickle.

“This is a great thing. This is going to be a great nexus for the police department, the community, so I’m excited to let everybody see him,” Bauer said.

Students can follow Glock on Instagram at @k9.glock.

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