Protesters gather outside Ed Royce’s office in opposition of GOP tax plan

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Protesters chanted “Ed Royce, hear our voice!” outside of the 39th District congressman’s Brea office on Monday.

A group of 20 gathered in an emergency protest to oppose the Republican party tax plan that will vote on as early as Thursday Nov. 16.

Protesters held signs bearing slogans like, “Trickle down is a lie,” and “Dear Ed, represent us too, Love 90%.”

“This is a bad bill for Californians and we need to stop it,” said Gil Cisneros, one of four congressional candidates at the event, looking to take Ed Royce’s position in the 2018 election.

The other 39th Congressional District candidates present were Phil Janowicz, Andy Thorburn and Sam Jammal.

“We are trying to make it clear to Ed Royce that his constituents want him to vote ‘No,’” Thorburn said. “This bill is not good for working people or middle-class families.”

The protest started with some organized chanting before each of the candidates took a turn to address the group. Thorburn pointed out small details buried in the bill that he said would have a negative impact on the middle class.  

“Don’t focus only on the big picture, which is bad, because the smaller details are even worse,” Thorburn said.

The group then chanted, “Not tomorrow, not today, don’t take away the ACA” before going into Royce’s office to talk with his staff about the bill.

Jammal said as someone who is from the area, he is “disgusted” with the bill and thinks it is a direct attack on the middle class.

“(Royce’s) taken away the student loan interest deduction,” Jammal said. “All he’s trying to do is take away all these things we rely on to help district millionaires benefit.”

Iris Mann, 81, said she came out to protest “the unfair representation that Ed Royce’s voting record is displaying.”

Mann said she feels that Royce is barely representing any of his constituents beyond the wealthiest members of the district.

“That’s why I’m here, to let him know we are very disappointed,” Mann said.

Brea resident Susan Perlson voiced her concern about the state of the country and said protests like the one hosted at Royce’s office are important.

“The energy that comes from other people is really heartfelt and makes you feel stronger because you’re not alone,” Perlson said.

Cisneros said he believes there has been a strong community response.

“I think protests like this are just going to keep getting his attention, and that’s why we need to keep doing them,” Cisneros said.

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