OPINION: No more Roy Moore for Senate, sexual predators have no place in politics

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With the storm of recent sexual misconduct allegations arising, it’s good to know that politicians are being held to an ethical standard. But looking to the Senate elections in Alabama, it’s terrifyingly similar to what happened with the election of President Donald Trump.

If Alabama doesn’t disqualify Republican Roy Moore from running after the multiple sexual allegations against him, then the state will have failed to protect the nation from yet another public official with sexual assault.

Moore, who has now been accused of sexually assaulting a fifth woman, Beverly Young Nelson, who recounted her horrifying experience at a news conference in mid November, still leads polls in Alabama.

It’s truly no surprise that the Alabama members of the House of Representatives consist of six Republicans and one Democrat, the polls are leaning toward the Republican.

Hopefully, the Yellowhammer state can clear its politically stained eyes to see that Moore can’t keep up with all of the accusations against him. He hasn’t responded to all of them, and when he does, it’s through people hired to spin the story. He denies anything they say altogether, pushing the same cookie-cutter response.

If these accusations truly are politically motivated or are not as graphic as they might seem, then Moore should stand up and address them and recognize them like an innocent man. The only politician who has recently faced similar accusations and come out the other end with a shred of dignity was Sen. Al Franken.

The Minnesota senator is under scrutiny for a second sexual assault accusation, but instead of keeping quiet and pushing his agenda along, he has come out and spoken on the matter, even asking the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the matter.

Moore needs to take note of Franken’s approach and figure out where he stands. Otherwise, he comes across as guilty and must be stopped from stepping foot in the Capitol.

Allowing Moore to take Jeff Sessions’ seat in the Senate would be a stain on this nation, further glorifying the sexual assaults that both he and Trump have been accused of.

The time for redemption for Trump’s allegations has passed, but there is still hope that the citizens of Alabama can follow this ethical train of holding politicians to a simple, humane standard.

While his actions have been criticized by a myriad of politicians, Arizona Sen. John McCain sees these allegations as “deeply disturbing and disqualifying,” according to the New York Times.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that his campaign is still moving forward.

Not only is Moore unfit to handle the job that he is campaigning for, he couldn’t even hold the one he had. Twice.

Moore wasn’t even elected into the position of an Alabama Judge. Rather, the person who held it before him had passed away for him to fulfill the role, according to the New York Times.

He was removed from office twice for violating ethics standards, and when asked by NPR why he refused to take down a controversial biblical plaque Moore said, “Separation of church and state never meant to separate God from government.”

Thankfully, there is little hope. A Washington Post poll was taken by Alabamians in late November. The people were asked who would they choose if the election were held today. Democrat Doug Jones won by 3 percent.

With the race still neck and neck, the possibility of messing this up is still there. It’d be a shame if the public would let such a despicable, unfit person play such an important role in government. Déjà vu.

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