Recap of crime on CSUF’s campus during winter intersession

Even during winter break, University Police officers work 24 hours a day to monitor Cal State Fullerton and surrounding areas within a one mile radius of the campus.

According to the CSUF campus crime log and interviews with University Police Capt. Scot Willey, the department remained occupied with incidents.

Titan Bookstore fraud

A woman named Georgina Martinez, 49, was arrested at the Titan Bookstore for attempting to use forged checks on Jan. 5.

Martinez was previously a suspect of a prior fraud incident at the bookstore in December, and while University Police was following up on it, the officer recognized Martinez in the bookstore and was able to arrest her in the act of committing fraud.

“The suspect walked right by (the officer) in the bookstore. She was attempting to purchase more with fraudulent checks,” Willey said.

The suspect was taken to Orange County Central Jail. Other bookstores and another college, which remains unidentified due to the ongoing investigation, are being contacted since Martinez is also a suspect in multiple fraud cases in the area.

Arrest made outside Gastronome

On Jan. 13, 22-year-old Zachary Ali Shuaib was arrested for carrying a knife about five inches in length.

While on housing patrol, an officer spotted Shuaib walking outside the Gastronome. After a brief conversation, the officer got out of her car.  

“She asked if she could check his ID and do a search of him,” Willey said. “He agreed to and consented to a search and in that search, he was found to have a dirk or dagger … This is unlawful on a college campus.”

Shuaib was arrested and taken to the University Police station.  According to the police report, he wasn’t cooperative at the station and was later taken to the Orange County Central Jail for booking.

Canine support requested at Carl’s Jr.

In response to a burglary alarm coming from the safe at Carl’s Jr. on Dec. 21, University Police contacted the Fullerton Police Department for its K-9 Unit support.

“They went and searched it really quick and it was empty,” Willey said. “(The manager) showed up and they looked and there was nothing missing out of the safe.”

The Carl’s Jr. manager Armando Alvarado said police informed him that the alarm was on, but not on the outside.

“If someone was here, they would try to force the door from the outside not the inside,” Alvarado said.  

It was eventually determined to be a false alarm.

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