Rivalry between Marvel and DC creates an unnecessary divide in the comic community

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Nerds and geeks from far and wide had “Marvel vs DC” trending on Twitter last week after a Facebook page run by DC Comics fans claimed that they were plotting to bring down the Rotten Tomatoes score for “Black Panther,” Marvel’s first 2018 film.

Although Facebook removed the page and Rotten Tomatoes issued a statement assuring fans that they would closely monitor their platform for inaccurate reviews, people must remember that the actions of a few aren’t representative of all DC fans.

DC and its fans have recently developed a bad reputation and have been unfairly ridiculed ever since the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) was created. It’s accomplishments are often masked behind the hatred fans have for the most recently released films.

Granted, the DCEU only has one film that is “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, “Wonder Woman.” While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has 15 films that are “Certified Fresh,” it has been around five years longer than the DCEU.

This head start has allowed the MCU plenty of time to establish itself in Hollywood, learn to adapt to the industry and find consistency in the quality of its films. The DCEU undoubtedly lacks this experience, and has yet to find its footing, especially with last year’s release of “Justice League.”

Fans in the comic community are quick to tarnish DC but seem to forget that the DCEU isn’t representative of DC as a whole. Before the DCEU was created “The Dark Knight Trilogy” was critically acclaimed and earned two Oscar awards, the most notable being Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger’s iconic performance as the Joker.

Besides the general superhero films, DC has found a lot of success in television shows, animated features, video games and old-fashioned print comic books.

Even though Marvel is painted as the poster child for outstanding original superhero shows, it has also produced unsuccessful works like “Iron Fist,” and there is no way to defend that one. DC has produced “The Flash,” “Arrow” (which is now in its sixth season) and its newest show “Black Lightning.” All have premiered successfully on prime time TV, continuously gathering millions of viewers each week.

There is also no denying DC’s incredible animated shows like “Young Justice,” “Teen Titans” and “Batman: The Animated Series,” as well as animated films like “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.” These highly regarded shows and films all seem to be completely ignored by comic fans who demonize DC.

These animated features were able to shift between noir and lightheartedness while exploring intricate storylines, allowing for deeper character development. Where these animated series excel, the DCEU falls flat.

In regards to gaming, the “Batman: Arkham” series is undoubtedly one of the most popular superhero video game franchises, winning the Guinness World Record for most critically acclaimed superhero game in 2015. It can even be argued that Marvel took inspiration from this series when creating the “Deadpool” video game since it contains very similar mechanics. As far as fighting games go, the “Injustice” series is a huge victory for DC as it created two successful stand-alone games with a coinciding comic book storyline.

Multimillion dollar budgets are granted to Marvel and DC for the content released in theaters and major networks, bringing fan-favorite heroes and villains to life through live-action renditions. But fans must appreciate Marvel and DC for their endeavors and successes beyond the cinematic universes, uniting all fans instead of dividing them.

Marvel and DC have their differences, but their origins are the same. Before major motion pictures and video games, they created comic books. Underneath it all, Marvel and DC come from humble origins and fans must remember that.

Although they respectively have their own unique hero and villain storylines, there really is no discriminating against one over the other. They both produced imaginative characters and captivating storylines that fans still love today.

2 commentsOn Rivalry between Marvel and DC creates an unnecessary divide in the comic community

  • The problem is that through social media the fans developt a mob mentality that is more similar to hooligans then that of fans or supporters.
    One no longer defines what one likes or one is fan of but by what one is not or against it.
    The consequences could be devestating shown in militarising rotten tomatoes. It is a dangerous path we are on.
    How long till fans start to attack each other physically. This might sound stupid for some but the context of fan routing against each other and emotional connection between different medias is not so different to hooligans that battle each other physicly.
    With time this might become so bad that society must interviene harshly against all kind of hat speech based on fan grouping about something.
    Like pandora’s box the social media shows it’s dark side and it is to us with calmer heads to push these things back.

  • It’s ok to like only DC, it’s ok to like only Marvel, and it’s ok to like both.

    If you don’t like both, it’s not ok to bring the other one down.

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