Supreme Court rejects request for appeal to DACA ruling

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The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by the Trump administration to hear a challenge to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Monday .

The administration filed an appeal in the court of appeals for the 9th Circuit in California but also asked the Supreme Court to review the case and make a decision by June before the appellate court. The court struck down the request and refused to hear the case, not wanting to go over a federal court and directly to the Supreme Court.

After President Donald Trump’s decision to end the DACA program on March 5, lawsuits have been filed in different states calling for a protection of Dreamers.

With this ruling, DACA recipients can still file for renewal despite the initial decision of the administration to end the program.

On Jan. 9, U.S. District Judge William Alsup ruled in the San Francisco 9th District Court that applications for DACA will be accepted indefinitely, but this still leaves Dreamers in limbo.

CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White released a statement calling the Supreme Court’s decision “encouraging news” for Dreamers and promoted the resources the CSUs have to offer for DACA students.

“I continue to call on federal policymakers to stand up for our shared American values of inclusivity, opportunity and excellence – regardless of background or birthplace,” White said in the statement.

Congress has yet to pass permanent protections for DACA recipients as Democrats and Republicans have failed to come to an agreement. Republicans have plans to push through legislation to protect recipients so long as there is funding for a border wall, according to The Hill.

While applications will be accepted, Dreamers are still uncertain about what their futures hold.

At Cal State Fullerton, the Diversity Resilience Education Access Movement Co-Operation (DREAM Co-Op) has been hosting events to urge students to contact their representatives in Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act.

The organization advocates for awareness of immigration issues and provides information about financial aid options and opportunities for first-generation students. Dream Co-Op President Ana Aldazabal said in a text message that she has been working with the group to advocate a Clean Dream Act, which aims to create a permanent solution for DACA recipients.

A Clean Dream Act would provide a solution for recipients but also protect immigrant communities by prohibiting funding for border security, interior enforcement, detention centers and ending mandatory e-verification status for employment.

The DREAM Co-Op have hosted phone banking events at CSUF to encourage students to contact their representatives.

Aldazabal said the group feels relief at the Supreme Court’s decision, but calls it “bittersweet” because it doesn’t pressure Congress to advocate for a Clean Dream Act.

“We’re exhausted. We are devastated, because people will think that it’s enough that we can continue to apply for DACA,” Aldazabal said in a text.

With congressional midterms coming in November, Aldazabal said her organization plans to educate voters and encourage participation in the elections and hold more phone banking events.

“We also want to collaborate with ASI representatives to bring more awareness on campus about the importance of passing a Clean Dream Act,” Aldazabal said in a text.

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