The Pantones take the Titan Student Union Underground Pub for the first show of the semester at CSUF

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Heads bobbed and feet stomped as The Pantones performed their favorite songs at the Titan Student Union Underground Pub on Thursday.

“They’re absolutely fantastic, it’s great having them here,” said Lauren Olguin, the pub concert coordinator who booked them.

The all-girl indie pop band consists of lead vocalist Isabel Salinas, lead guitarist Madeline Doctor, and bassists Madison Alcala and Angeline Doctor. They are a new band, but that can be difficult to tell from their onstage presence. All members hail from Los Angeles and have been performing together for about a year, besides siblings Madeline and Angeline Doctors. The band played their first official show in May 2017.

Cal State Fullerton’s Associated Students, Inc., invited The Pantones to perform for the first concert of the semester. However, this isn’t the band’s first appearance at CSUF.

The Pantones have appeared on Titan Radio before, which is where Olguin first heard them. Olguin said she tried to book them last semester, but things didn’t work out, so she said she was excited for them to finally appear.

The band mentioned a few of their influences while making their own music and performing on stage.

Madeline Doctor said that they are inspired by Joy Division, The Smiths and Sarah Records, along with the 1980s British Twee Pop movement. The Pantones describe their music as eclectic and “happy-sad.”

Each member has their own unique style stemming from different decades which influences their dress and the way they perform on stage The Pantones said.

Madeline Doctor said her flair is mostly whatever she is feeling that day, but is in love with ‘60s fashion and knows that’s where her heart is.

Salinas said she usually goes for a late ‘70s or early ‘80s post-punk look, whereas Alcala said she enjoys a late ‘40s and early ‘50s look.

Despite having a busy schedule of practice, performances and school, The Pantones have other hobbies together as well.

We usually all go together to different thrift shops and try to find things. It was funny because someone was telling me, ‘Well, you can always find things online you know,’ but it’s the joy of finding them in real life,” Madeline Doctor said.

All the band members are also students, with Angeline, Madison and Isabel all still in high school. They have a big year ahead of them with additional sets planned already.

The Pantones’ next show will be at The Smell in Los Angeles on Feb. 11, which will also feature the premiere of the film “King of L.A.”

Olguin said that The Pantones are absolutely fantastic and that it was great having them at CSUF. She is excited for the upcoming pub concerts which are every other Thursday for the rest of the semester.

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