Head of undocumented students resource center at Cal State Fullerton leaves post

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Henoc Preciado has presided over the Titan Dreamers Resource Center long enough to see pro-undocumented immigrant policy advance under one U.S. administration and wither under another. He will finish his term Friday as coordinator of the resource center available to undocumented students on the Cal State Fullerton campus.

While he did not say if he had received a better offer from Cal State Los Angeles, Preciado said in an email that he will be working there as the inaugural director of The Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center.

“The opportunity was one that I was encouraged to apply to by my peers,” Preciado said in an email.

The Titan Dreamers Resource Center at CSUF was established in April 2014 and Preciado began his position as coordinator in July, two years after former President Barack Obama enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The same year the resource center was founded, Obama tried to grant deferred action to undocumented parents in an executive order. In 2015, the order was blocked by the federal government and was rescinded by President Donald Trump in 2017.

DACA has become a well of uncertainty for student recipients, amid a Feb. 26 Supreme Court decision to decline Trump’s request for an expedited ruling on whether or not to dissolve the program.

Asian Pacific American Resource Center coordinator Jacob Chacko will take Preciado’s place temporarily to lead the center.

Preciado called Chacko a “great colleague and advocate for students.”

“Under his direction, the TDRC will continue to provide services and programs to Titan Dreamers, and will help guide and support undocumented students,” Preciado said in an email.  “I am confident that he will be very successful in the role, and that our Titan Dreamers will continue to receive the information and resources that they need to be successful.”

Preciado said as the political climate continues to change, so will the resource center’s programs and services.

“The university will continue to support undocumented students in meaningful ways, and I am confident that there is still more that will be accomplished in years to come,” Preciado said in an email.

While he lauded the past achievements of the center in the way of interdepartmental relations and legal outreach to undocumented students, Preciado said he regrets not having the opportunity to meet “each and every single Dreamer at CSUF” and learn their stories.

“This wasn’t possible, unfortunately, but I am comforted by the fact that our Dreamers have more than just the Titan Dreamers Resource Center for support — they have caring faculty in their classrooms, caring staff members in offices across campus, and caring peers who shared resources and provided encouragement in the most difficult moments,” Preciado said in an email.

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