CSUF Crime: Student arrested under suspicion of assault with a knife

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University Police arrested a Cal State Fullerton student outside the Kinesiology and Health Science building under suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on March 8.

Chase Vaughn Marhoff, 21, was booked into Orange County Central Men’s Jail under suspicion of assaulting a student with a knife on the corner of Nutwood Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue, said University Police Capt. Scot Willey. Marhoff was released the next day.

mugshot of Chase Marhoff
Chase Vaughn Marhoff (Courtesy of University Police)

“At about 3 p.m., a CSUF student came into the (University Police) lobby saying he was assaulted with a knife. He got into an argument, a guy pulled out a knife and put it to his throat,” Willey said.

The student told University Police that two skateboarders, Marhoff and his brother, hit his car outside University House Fullerton. Willey said the student drove north on Commonwealth Avenue toward Nutwood Avenue and, at the corner of College Park, confronted the brothers from his car before the two approached the student’s vehicle and stood on it.

During an argument between the student and Marhoff, Willey said Marhoff went up to the car window and held a knife to the student’s throat and threatened him.

“(The student) gave us really good descriptions of the two males and our officers started saturating the campus looking for these two guys. The officer was able to find them and they detained them right away,” Willey said.

Based on the descriptions from the student and a witness, the brothers were detained outside the Kinesiology and Health Science building. An officer found a knife on Marhoff after a search was performed on them, Willey said.

After the student and witness both independently identified Marhoff, his brother was released because he didn’t commit a crime, Willey said.

An alert was not sent out to campus because University Police located the brothers in a timely manner.

The initial incident happened in the Fullerton Police Department’s jurisdiction but the University Police handled the case because they had the situation under control, Willey said.

The case will be sent to the Student Conduct office, where Marhoff can possibly be charged with a felony, Willey said.

“It was over and done very quick. We were very happy to have him in custody. The unfortunate part is the suspect was also a CSUF student,” Willey said.  

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