Dwight Ramos departs Cal State Fullerton men’s basketball team in search of a larger role at another school

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Dwight Ramos celebrates winning the Big West with his Titans teammates.
Dwight Ramos (center, backwards cap) celebrates winning the Big West with his Titans teammates. (Katie Albertson / Daily Titan File Photo)

The reigning Big West champions will have an opening on the wing to fill heading into next season, as Titans guard Dwight Ramos has left the Cal State Fullerton men’s basketball team to pursue opportunities for a larger role at another school.

College basketball website Verbal Commits first reported that Ramos would be departing, and he told the Daily Titan in a Twitter direct message that he was still searching for his next destination.

“I’m just looking for a school that (will give me) more opportunity on the floor to show what I can do,” Ramos said.

Ramos’ role with the Titans decreased in his sophomore season, falling from an average of 8.1 minutes per game in 25 appearances last season to 6.7 minutes per game in 18 opportunities over the course of the 2017-18 campaign.

Ramos also started just one game this season after starting four in the prior season.

After news of Ramos’ departure spread, his teammates were quick to lament the Titans’ loss.

“Pls don’t remind me,” said Titans guard Jamal Smith in a tweet referencing the news.

Titans’ leading scorer Kyle Allman appeared to take the news even harder.

“How you gon win a ring then leave,” tweeted Titans center Arkim Robertson, who is ironically also leaving the program after winning a ring, albeit due to his eligibility being up.

Ramos is the second member of the Titans backcourt to leave the school in the last year, following Ian Fox’s midseason departure from the team over the winter break.

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