Mixed-Breed Mixed Feelings? Not Anymore

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding on favorite mixed-breed dogs. Large or small? Outdoor or indoor? Energetic or lazy? Luckily, after countless hours of research – e.g. browsing the internet’s vast collection of dog pictures – we’ve come to the top 5 mix-breeds. At least in our opinion.

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Aussiedoodle

An all-around breed, the Aussiedoodle (also known as the Aussie Poo) is the standard most breeds compete with. Smart, playful and absolutely adorable, this breed is an easy go-to for favorite dog. The result of cross-breeding an Australian Shepherd and Poodle, this dog is meant to be active but can handle an indoor lifestyle. Scheduled play time – and maintenance on those beautiful curls – is a must. With the Aussiedoodle, you’re sure to have a lively loving family companion.

  1. Alusky

Just looking at the Alusky inspires wild, rugged strength. The offspring of an Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky, this breed was meant for adventure. It goes without saying that this dog thrives in cold temperatures. Both parent breeds were meant to be working dogs in frigid northern temperatures. This same working dog mentality carries over to their domestic life, so keeping them outside is suggested. Plus, their thick fur is going to require regular upkeep. But with the right amount of tender loving care, the Alusky will surely keep your heart feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the seasons.

  1. Bo-Jack

The first smaller breed on this list, the Bo-Jack is the perfect companion for those looking for a house dog. The result of the fighting Boston Terrier and the hunting Jack Russell Terrier, this breed has no short supply of energy. Despite the aggressive occupations for its parent breeds, the Bo-Jack is all-loving. If this rambunctious breed is your number one, just remember that training will require time and patience. On the plus side, that short coat won’t require a lot of work. 

  1. Texas Heeler

If you are in the market for a smart dog who enjoys long walks on the beach, then the Texas Heeler is your breed. Born from an Australian Shepherd and an Australian Cattle Dog, these furry friends were bred for one thing: ranch life. Herding and guarding farm animals is ingrained with this breed. This consistent alertness also means that they are highly intelligent. The Texas Heeler is at home in large, open spaces where they can explore the range.

  1. Golden Dox

For the final breed, we present the Golden Dox. So ridiculously cute and cartoonish, it’s almost hard to believe that they are actually real. The cross-breed between the Golden Retriever and the Daschund, this breed is a perfect pick for young families. High-energy, socially inclined and a gorgeous coat are a few characteristics that set this small breed apart from the rest. More can be said, but I think you’d prefer to look-up images yourself.

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