Anti-abortion speaker Kristan Hawkins speaks to full house at sold-out CSUF appearance

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Anti-abortion activist Kristan Hawkins speaks to a full house.

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America president, was invited by the organization’s Cal State Fullerton chapter to speak on anti-abortion activism on campus Wednesday.

Hawkins has helped create over 1,200 Students for Life chapters across the U.S. since 2006 and served on President Donald Trump’s anti-abortion advisory council in 2016 while he campaigned.

An organized protest by Refuse Fascism Orange County prompted event coordinators to switch the event’s location from McCarthy Hall to the Titan Student Union.

Hawkins arrived to a round of applause from the audience after her introduction and went straight into the topic.

“I should never have to pay somebody to commit a violent act against another human being in order for me to have freedom. Abortion is the opposite of empowerment,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins went onto the subject of sex, which she said “has consequences,” and how she believes hormonal contraceptives are harmful to a woman’s body.

She said people shouldn’t have casual sex just for the fun of it, and that people should be more responsible whenever committing sexual acts.

“We made something that wasn’t supposed to be casual. It was supposed to be for a committed relationship or a lifetime relationship,” Hawkins said.

When discussing contraceptives, Hawkins said she blamed their unreliability on a 9 percent failure rate.

“If my plane had a failure rate of 9 percent tomorrow, I wouldn’t be getting on it,” Hawkins said.

More than 40 people, including people who were on the fence regarding abortion issues, attended Hawkins’ speech.

“We’ve put a lot of work into bringing Kristan on campus,” said Cameron Brewer, a second-year student and Students for Life member. “She has a really deep insight into the abortion issue.”

Elena Murdock, a member of anti-abortion nonprofit Options United, looked forward to hearing Hawkins speak, and has been a fan of hers for the past few years.

“She does great work for Students for Life across America,” Murdock said. “I believe that every life is worth defending.”

Diego Gonzalez, second-year history major, said he was fascinated by Hawkins’ use of data and analytics to prove her points.

“She brought up some statistics that I’d like to further study,” Gonzalez said.

After her speech, Hawkins encouraged the anti-abortion activists in the room to influence more campuses to ensure that Planned Parenthood doesn’t enter any more school districts.

“We need true nonprofits that aren’t political entities who can go and provide unbiased support to women,” Hawkins said.

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