Cal State Fullerton women’s golf finishes Big West Tournament in seventh place

CORRECTION: This is a modified version updated on April 18 at 3:35 p.m. to reflect accuracy within the story regarding scoring. A previous version of this story included handicap scores for the pars of the course. 

An excellent performance by Britney Sok in the final round of the Big West Tournament was not enough to lift Cal State Fullerton women’s golf higher than seventh place at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine.

The Titans dropped from sixth to seventh in their last round of the tournament despite some of the members moving up the leaderboards after Monday.

Long Beach State won the tournament championship, scoring 6-over-par 290 on 18 holes in the final round to bring its overall score to 27-over-par 879. The Titans completed the tournament at  64-over-par 916, finishing round three 18-over-par 302.

Sok finished her second-best round of the championship with an even score to bring her up nine places, tying for 12th place out of 40 participants, also tacking on three birdies Tuesday.

Elsa Lundquist finished the tournament with six birdies. Despite leading the Titans alongside Sok in round one, Lundquist moved down the leaderboards each day afterward.

She ended Tuesday at 6-over-par 77, finishing the tournament tied for No. 24 overall.

Courtney Sharkey, who lead the Titans in round two, dropped six spots to tie with Lundquist. She finished 7-over-par 78 in the final round and 18-over-par 231 in the tournament.

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