CSUF ASI Elections Judicial Council confirms results from illegal meetings after new vote

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Colin Eacobellis addresses the elections judicial council during the open meeting on Thursday

The CSUF ASI Elections Judicial Council (EJC) held an open meeting Thursday to ratify decisions regarding election complaints made in March illegal meetings that violated the Gloria Romero Open Meetings Act, a California law regulating student governing bodies.

During the three-hour meeting, the council revoted on whether 58 complaints received during the election cycle violated Associated Students bylaws. The council voted the same way it did in the illegal meetings.

Associated Students released a statement on April 10 stating its board of directors was following the advice of legal counsel and asking the EJC to hold a public meeting in order to ratify all decisions the council made during the elections.

On March 14, Associated Students candidates Colin Eacobellis and Celine Moubayed were disqualified for sending campaign related email to over 800 Cal State Fullerton students, violating the bylaws.

According to the Associated Students bylaws, the candidates sent a “spam” email, defined as “using any means of unsolicited electronic communication to campaign.”

The elections judicial council looks at Colin Eacobellis as he speaks to them during the open meeting on Thursday
(Katie Albertson / Daily Titan)

“There was no malicious act, there was no infraction of the bylaws and it was just a harmless email,” Eacobellis said during the meeting.

The council failed to post agendas and hold its meetings openly when hearing elections complaints the first time, violating the California open meetings act.

Eacobellis said he was satisfied with the EJC holding an open meeting to publicly hear the complaints.

The past meetings were closed because they were initially thought to be “conduct hearings,” said Dave Edwards, executive director of Associated Students.

Rachel Lagenfeld, EJC director, conducted the open meeting. For every complaint, she read a brief recap of what was decided in the illegal meetings, gave the opportunity for new evidence to be presented, then conducted the revoting process.

Andrew La, Associated Students vice president and EJC council member, abstained from voting on several complaints and refused to comment on why he did so.


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