CSUF crime: 58 people ejected from Spring Concert for alcohol intoxication

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Fifty-eight people were ejected from Associated Students’ Spring Concert for alcohol intoxication Saturday, and six people needed medical assistance due to possible alcohol poisoning, said Cal State Fullerton University Police Capt. Scot Willey.

To determine if any concertgoers were under the influence of drugs, drug recognition experts were in attendance to perform tests but Willey said he does not believe there were any issues with drugs.

“Everybody had a great time, went pretty much like normal. Only upsetting thing for the whole night I think was that the headliner didn’t perform,” Willey said.

Unruly Detainee

On April 1, a traffic stop on Chapman Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue resulted in felony charges added onto an existing bench warrant for CSUF student Sulaiman Abdulkareem, 23.

At around 1 p.m., Abdulkareem was brought back to the University Police holding cells.

Abdulkareem stood up on the concrete bench inside the holding cell and pulled on a fire sprinkler, which caused the sprinkler to break and flood the cell with water, Willey said.

“Immediately it started showering him and the entire cell with hundreds of gallons of water,” Willey said.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Abdulkareem was transferred to Orange County Central Men’s Jail and released the same day with the categorization of his release filed as “other.”

The following day CSUF Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety were called to inspect and assess the damage. The incident resulted in thousands of dollars in damages, Willey said.

Abdulkareem was charged with felony vandalism and tampering with a fire alarm system in addition to his bench warrant, Willey said.

Smashed Window

On Thursday at around 5:00 p.m. a female student was sitting in her car in Lot A when she saw a male dressed in black approach a parked car and smash the car’s window with a rock, Willey said.

The man broke another window before being confronted by the student. Officers were called to the scene but the man was not found in the surrounding area, Willey said.

The witness described the man as a 17-year-old Middle Eastern or Hispanic male dressed in all black with a black backpack, Willey said. University Police is working to follow-up on leads but has not received additional complaints about broken windows.

Suspicious Packages

On March 22, an employee called University Police over concerns of an unattended bag containing pills in Mihaylo Hall, Willey said. The pills were found to be regular medication and were placed in lost and found.

Two days later in the State College Parking Structure, officers were called to inspect a bag placed beside an elevator. The officers checked for wires or any indication of the bag containing a bomb and confirmed that it only contained trash, Willey said.

University Police has seen an increase in calls for suspicious packages around campus in the past year, Willey said. University Police wants the public to say something if they see something suspicious.

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