CSUF Yoga Club’s ‘Glowga’ lights up the Engineering & Computer Science lawn

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Students wearing glow sticks as necklaces and bracelets practice yoga on the ECS lawn

As the sun was beginning to set and the day became cooler, members of the CSUF Yoga Club gradually started making their way to the Engineering & Computer Science lawn for their glow-in-the-dark “Glowga” event on Wednesday.

The event was open to the public and acted as a fundraiser for a local, no-kill dog rescue. The $4 fee to attend provided free snacks, water and glow sticks.

“We just wanted something catchy and different that still incorporated yoga,” said club President Kristiana Dalfio.

As participants waited for the event to start, yoga mats were scattered across the lawn, music bumped from speakers, and the members socialized as they played with Hula-Hoops and bubbles.

Held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., participants were given a handful of glow sticks that were worn around the head, wrists and ankles. Aside from a towering light to illuminate the lawn as the night darkened, the mats and glow sticks were the only things in sight.

Throughout the hour-long event, music ranged from slow and soothing meditation to newer songs by DJs like Tiësto. As the flow became more intense, yogis were offered pose variations for their ranging levels of strength.

A student's hands or feet on a yoga mat on grass
(Jaime Cornejo / Daily Titan)

Dalfio, a 22-year-old fourth-year kinesiology major, has been certified to teach yoga since the summer of 2016 and is in charge of leading all the club’s sessions. Dalfio also teaches on campus at the Student Recreation Center, three other studios and also does private lessons.

While they have been an on-campus club unofficially since around 2012, the club’s Vice President Emerald Saling said it has started to make a comeback this semester after being off the radar, with “Glowga” as its first big spring event.

Saling said Yoga Club is open to people of all skill levels and welcome to family members who don’t attend CSUF to join the events as well. Dalfio said the club aims to make the club accessible, affordable and provide a space for students to connect with their inner selves and peers.

“The club gave me the opportunity to find like-minded individuals. We’re all so different but we can all bond through yoga. It’s helped me grow as an instructor with a space that’s not intimidating,” Dalfio said.

Yoga is meant to help the body and mind, and Alex Goddard, a club officer, said regular practice is the key to ultimately feeling results.

“It’s like meditation, so it clears you mentally. If you’re doing it every day, then you would actually be a lot more clear headed.” Goddard said.

Yoga Club keeps its members actively practicing yoga outside of meetings with their challenge pose, where instructors will demonstrate poses for members to take home and post pictures on Instagram. The post that is the most consistent, creative and shows the most effort wins a prize.

They also do small fundraisers throughout the semester, and have also collaborated with other clubs on campus, like the Herbivore Club and the Grappling and Jiu Jitsu Club. An end of the year beach yoga event is also in the works.

Sydney Adam, the club’s secretary, said the Yoga Club acts as a supportive and close community that encourages those interested in yoga to visit.

“The club has a wide variety of people, but our goals are kind of the same in the sense of wanting to build our strength, mentality and spirituality. So this is really open space for us to experience that and develop that,” Adam said.

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