Kehlani cancels performance at CSUF during ASI’s Spring Concert

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An empty stage at ASI's Spring Concert moments before Kehlani's announcement that she would be canceling her performance.

Correction: a previous version of this article stated that Kehlani posted on her Instagram at 8:36. She apologized on her Instagram at 7:57.

Concertgoers at Associated Students’ Spring Concert were left with a big feeling of disappointment Saturday as pop-singing headliner Kehlani was unable to perform, canceling her scheduled set at CSUF.

“It’s a little bit of a let down, I really listen to her songs a lot, I’ve been looking forward to it,” said Kevin Apacible, a guest in attendance at Saturday’s event.

In an announcement over the sound system, the grammy-nominated vocalist said that she was unable to follow through with her performance, battling sinus issues.

“It just got worse and worse,” Kehlani said. “I promise I will make this up to you, I swear.”

The announcement came just moments after the star posted on her Instagram at 7:57 p.m. claiming that she had come down with an infection from spending her last three days in China

On her Instagram story, Kehlani said she landed the morning of her scheduled Spring Concert performance and that her sickness was only deteriorating as the night went on.

“I can’t even hear because of the pressure in my head,” Kehlani said.

The concert was slated to go on from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Intramural Fields with the announcement coming nearly an hour after the scheduled start of her performance.

“I’m not asking for sympathy, just understand that I’m also a human that has a body,” Kehlani said.

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