CSUF track and field will continue the Big West championship at Cal State Northridge

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CSUF track and field will continue the Big West championship this Friday at Cal State Northridge.

Titans head coach John Elders said there will be different expectations heading into this year’s tournament because the men’s team won its first championship in team history last year.

“Once you win one, you want to win another one and another one. But that’s a good thing. For the men, being the defending champs, this is going to be a very, very competitive meet,” Elders said.

The Titans did not earn any points in the decathlon last weekend. The UC Davis men’s team took a commanding lead in the tournament with 22 points.

Long Beach State, which sits in second place, has only nine points.

“We’re excited about what can happen. It could play out really good, we could win back-to-back championships on the men’s side or we could end fourth or fifth. You never know,” Elders said.

UC Davis women’s team is also in the lead with 11 points and UC Santa Barbara coming in as a close second with 10 points.

CSUF women’s team has returning pole vault champion Bryn Williamson and triple jump champion Laura Hamann competing this year, giving the Titans potential to succeed in those events.

“The conference is very interesting because none of the teams are super strong in all of the event areas. It’s hard to even pick who the favorite is going into the meet,” Elders said.

Last year, Cal State Northridge beat out UC Davis by just half of a point, while CSUF finished in sixth place.

A few Titans finished first in their field last year. Darion Zimmerman finished first in the 400-meter run as well as the 200-meter dash. Diego Courbis finished first in the 400-meter hurdles and the men’s team finished first in the 4×100-meter relay.

“The key is who is going to perform at a high level and who’s going to get points where they didn’t expect it,” Elders said.

The events will start at 9:00 a.m. at the Matador Track & Field Complex. This is the last tournament before the NCAA Division 1 West Preliminary Rounds.

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