CSUF women’s soccer wants to use trip to Europe to build team chemistry

Starting May 24, CSUF women’s soccer will travel throughout Europe for 10 days for a trip to face four European teams.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to take a group of college students to experience a different culture and different environments, both socially and within soccer,” said Titans head coach Demian Brown.

The teams the Titans will compete against during the excursion are not confirmed yet, but they have been told they will face two Belgian teams and two teams from Ireland.

The ability to see a different playing style on the pitch gives Fullerton new competition to learn from. The experience will provide a new perspective on college games and those who want to continue a soccer career after college.

“We can go and play girls who grew up playing different soccer than what we play here. Being able to see that and to even get an idea of what it’s like to play over there, if I wanted to go and try to play out there … I’m really excited for it,” said senior defender Nano Oronoz.

Aside from the lessons the Titans will learn on the field, they also said they’d view this opportunity as a chance to create chemistry.

After losing nine senior athletes, CSUF is bringing members of next year’s team hoping to mark the beginning of its unity.

“We’re going to be with each other 24/7 for 10 days. We’re going to get to learn new things about each other that probably we didn’t know and to create a stronger bond between us so that on the field, we are more effective in what we do and off the field, our relationships are stronger,” Oronoz said.

Transfer student Myriah “Mimi” Epino sees this as a chance to create an environment that would make it easier to incorporate and bring together the other new members of the team who join them after the trip.

“If we can make this foundation over the summer and build on this and then we take in all these new girls, I think it would be a better transition,” Mimi said.

However, though this trip is aimed to benefit its growth, CSUF will remain true to its style of playing and its culture it created for the team.

“I think it’s important that we realize that when we go over there and play, even in a different country and we don’t have our support, we need to be who we are,” said junior forward Hailey Pohevitz. “We need to take our soccer and bring them over there and show them how we play.”

The Titans are hopeful that this experience contributes to their preparation for the 2018 season.

“We’re going to come back and apply all the concepts and ideas that we learned together and I think we’re going to come out very strong in the fall,” Pohevitz said.

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