Resources that can help make life after graduation a little less overwhelming

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After college, students may look to graduate school or a well deserved vacation as possible options. (Gabe Gandara / Daily Titan)

Life after graduation can seem daunting; it’s a time when graduates are looking for jobs, going to graduate school or enjoying a much-deserved summer vacation.

While jobs applications galore seem to go on even after graduation. Desiree Galban, a senior at Cal State Fullerton graduating with a double major in drawing and painting, and animation, is applying to have her art shown at galleries.

Having applied at Whittier Art Gallery, which is tucked along the cobblestone streets of uptown Whittier, Galban hopes to show several pieces she’s worked on, including a few recent pieces consisting of landscapes and portraits.

Looking for a job can seem even more challenging when the question turns from “What to do after graduation?” to “What can I do with my major?”

The CSUF Career Center offers many resources to help current students and soon-to-be grads navigate some of the most frequently asked questions.

Under the “Student/Alumni Quicklinks” tab, the website fittingly named “What Can I Do With This Major” is listed. The website offers information on a broad range of majors and breaks them down by concentration, providing potential employers and strategies for securing a job as well.

Titan Connection can be used as a jumping-off point for reputable job searches. The site allows students to upload their resume and search through companies and employers that are looking to hire in the student’s chosen field.

Arely Martinez, a senior illustration major, grew up with a love of drawing. After coming to CSUF she realized she wanted to be an turn her passion into her profession. While she has plans for applying to jobs after graduation, she also plans to work on some personal projects and continue building her portfolio.

Her work has been shown at her community college, Santiago Canyon, but for those who are looking to continue their education — or avoid the real world for a few more years — graduate school is another option.

The Office of Graduate Studies offers a breakdown of how to apply to graduate school, important deadlines, academic assistance and how to fund a degree.

Graduating from a four-year university is a college student’s equivalent of winning the Super Bowl. There’s confetti, family and friends rushing onto the field to celebrate with you, and like the winners of the Super Bowl, they too are going to Disneyland, or at least their version of the happiest place on Earth.

Whether that be Disneyland, the beach or the comfort of their own bed, all their hard work has paid off.

While students walk away with a piece of paper, they also take away sleepless nights, meaningful experiences and once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Life after graduation is only the beginning, and students can use the time to explore their options.

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