Spring Dance Theatre displays artistry and whirlwind of emotions at the Little Theatre at CSUF

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Dancers embracing in the dark
(Courtesy of Jordan Kubat)

Dancers leaped to new heights and reached hearts during Cal State Fullerton’s Spring Dance Theatre at the Little Theatre on Saturday.

The night had eight choreographed routines that represented emotions like fear, sadness, romance, anger, passion and joy.

The opening routine was titled “Tumultus.” As the room went pitch black and filled with eerie music, nothing could be seen until dancers strapped with white lights to their heads emerged from the darkness.

The dancers swarmed around bodies that looked lifeless until suddenly their flashlights were turned on too, revealing a red light. What started off as the unknown turned into fear as the red-lighted dancers chased the white-lighted dancers around the stage.

As the music intensified the red dancers took over the stage until every white light vanished into darkness. It was a terrifying way to open up a show, but was a good hook for a series of incredible dances.

“Like Bread…” was a routine dedicated to choreographer Taylor-Anne Murray’s grandparents. Inside the playbill reads, “Love is like bread – it has to be remade all the time, over and over.”

There were only two dancers, Brandy Factory and Chandler Davids, who did a wonderful job at portraying love.

The set took the stage as a house decorated with a couch by a window. The dancers’ costumes looked like vintage attire from the ‘40s or ‘50s. The two dancers moved beautifully together through a series of lifts and twirls, and the opening felt like the honeymoon phase of a relationship.

Toward the end, their movements felt more sad as they rolled around on the floor. The routine ended with Factory sitting on the couch reaching out to the audience as Davids rolled to the floor.

“For Those Who Cannot Speak” felt angry and powerful as the dancers shook their hands toward the floor before the music had started.

One dancer stood with her back to the audience for nearly the entire routine, motionless as angry dancers in red dresses fiercely moved around her. When the music finally started, it sounded like ocean waves crashing onto a shoreline. The dancers seemed more calm and fluid in their motions, but sustained passionate and angry emotions.

“Eden” came off as unusual, but was definitely thought-provoking and entertaining. A boy started the routine in skin-toned clothing surrounded by a blue backdrop and two trees. His movement was stiff and rigid as he walked. At one point he sat down and held his foot up to his ear before throwing it back out.

A girl also in skin-toned clothing came out on stage, which depicted Adam and Eve naked. She mimicked the movements and footwork of the boy. Eventually a group of dancers in green dresses came onto the stage and danced around the duo.

The best was certainly saved for last in the final routine titled “Pas de Huit (What a Racquet!).”
The dancers were dressed like badminton players in white skirts and shorts. They used racquets and birdies as their props and swung at the air in mock competition. There was humor and joy as the dancers used ballet moves and classical music to mimic the sport.

Spring Dance Theatre was an interesting and bold performance that made the entire night a worthwhile experience. The show will continue its run in Little Theatre until May 13 with tickets at $14 and $12 for students.

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