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Congratulations, you’ve just graduated.

The only problem is you don’t have a job.

However, with the internet being so widely accessible, job searching has never been so easy.

There are a handful of websites that can help current students, and soon-to-be and recent graduates find their dream jobs.


The most important website for networking. With over 500 million users as of January 2018 according to Omnicore, the site easily allows people to network with professionals, colleagues and classmates.

LinkedIn also serves as a platform for companies to post job positions and allows users to apply directly from the app (so convenient).

Users can follow whatever companies they want and the company’s updates will show up on the user’s homepage. That way, if you get an interview, you can flaunt that knowledge to really show the company you’re interested in the job.


This site allows companies to post jobs on the site for free, making it one of the largest job searching sites in the world. According to the website, 9.8 jobs are posted per second annually, making it easy for users to find new jobs every day, so be sure to check back often.

Indeed posts company reviews so users can easily decide if they want to apply to a company based on others’ experiences.

The site allows users to search for jobs based on salary, location and experience level.


Here’s website that actively updates job postings every day, with three million new jobs posted monthly, according to the site.

CareerBuilder allows users to browse for jobs based on category, location, job title or by company, much like Indeed. However, CareerBuilder also lets users upload a resume so companies that are relevant can look at it without an application.

The website even has a section that lets users know which careers are on the rise based on social trends and data, which can be useful to know before accepting a job offer or applying in general.


This website is mainly used to compile company reviews to help job searchers find the right fit for them.

Glassdoor also includes CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews, questions and office photos. The interview reviews can help users prepare for possible interview questions the company could ask, as well as letting interviewees know how to dress for a specific interview.

The site has over 40 million reviews and provides insight for over 770,000 companies, according to the website.

Glassdoor also has a section on its site called “Know your worth,” which helps users determine whether or not they are getting paid enough, and how much they should be asking for when applying for new jobs.

Intern Queen

This website is specifically dedicated to finding internships. Users can search by industry and find 33 industry options ranging from journalism to finance to gaming & console.  

Users can also sort by season and location, including completely virtual internships (work from home).

Intern Queen also has a feature for applicants who don’t hear back about an internship after two weeks; users can email Intern Queen and the site will contact the company for an update about the position. This could be a helpful way to show the company that the applicant is serious about working there, plus it’s nice to know when a position has been filled so the applicant doesn’t keep their hopes up.

Most of the websites listed have suggestions on their sites, which makes them even more invaluable to users. Some of the advice includes how to land a job or internship, getting companies to notice applicants and what to wear or bring to the first interview.

There are other websites out there, but these are some basic ones to get job searchers started on that grind.

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