Cal State Fullerton wins #MyTopCollege competition 5 years running

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(Riley McDougall/ Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton has won the annual #MyTopCollege competition in the large school category for the fifth year in a row. The competition is a social media event put on by Forbes to measure college campus pride across the country. CSUF gained victory with nearly 600 out of the 2,000 posts overall in this year’s contest.

“People talk about how it’s a commuter school and there’s not any kind of connection to it, but every year when we do this people really are connected to this university,” said Michael Mahi, director of online and social media engagement at CSUF.

Social media users across campus all coordinated to raise awareness of the competition. Still, it was a narrow win, with Cal State Long Beach running close several times. The anticipation remained as over 200 posts from Titans and allies flooded in the last few hours of the competition. Nearly six hundred posts gave CSUF the final win.

Jeff Cook, the university’s chief communications officer, said the credit goes to the campus as a whole.

“Our alumni, our students, our faculty, our friends of the university, they’re the ones whose voices pushed the university over the finish line. All of us here as a unit love this university and want to celebrate it,” Cook said.

He said the engagement from the campus and campus’ supporters confirms that Titan pride is not an artificial creation from the university and instead gives students the chance to share their story about CSUF.

President Fram Virjee was a significant promoter in the competition. He joined the university in January 2018. Virjee is the first CSUF president to have a Twitter account, according to Cook. The president has been active on social media, posting dozens of pictures commending multiple academic organizations and athletics teams for their work on campus.

“President Virjee, in a very short time, has not only imbedded himself completely in the life of the university, but has become very involved in Orange County in a phenomenal way, he has gone from 0 to 60, in terms of lifting us up, celebrating us and becoming part of the community,” Cook said.

Matt Olson, Virjee’s deputy chief of staff and director of executive communications, said once he informed Virjee about the history of the competition, Virjee began spreading the word.

Jane Conoley, CSULB’s president, was also active in the competition, according to Olson. Virjee remained engaged in a #TrounceTitans hashtag used between Conoley and others in the competition.

“We have a really loyal following, and I think that’s the key. There’s a lot of people from when we first started this to today, that have stayed with us in this contest every year and they always come back and they’re faithfully posting,” Mahi said.

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