Crime incidents over the summer: a briefing

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Map of CSUF summer crime incidents

While the traffic at Cal State Fullerton may subside over the summer, the crime incidents on campus do not. Although many students were away, some incidents that occurred on or near campus include: DUIs, property thefts, vandalism, car theft and a call about suspicious packages. Here are some of the major incidents that occurred over the summer.

False bomb

On Aug. 5 University Police received calls regarding suspicious packages on the south side of the kinesiology building. The packages were described as boxes wrapped in brown paper with the letters TNT, paper skulls and crossbones attached to them, said University Police Capt. Scot Willey.

The University Police bomb sniffing canine, Glock, was out for training during the incident. A canine unit from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad was brought in to investigate the parcels and X-rays concluded that they were filled with trash, deeming it a false bomb.

Stolen vehicle in State College Parking Structure

A CSUF employee’s vehicle was stolen out of the State College Parking Structure on Aug.7. The 2006 Acura TSX was parked in the structure all day, but the exact time of the robbery is uncertain. No broken glass was found at the scene of the crime so it is unclear how the suspect entered the vehicle.

University Police has since equipped parking structures with a license plate recognition system. The system reads and records thousands of license plates a minute, which investigators can use to locate stolen vehicles. The system spans across other counties including Los Angeles, San Bernardino and San Diego, Willey said.

Library vandalism

Police responded to a vandalism call on the first floor of the Pollak Library on Aug. 8. They found what appeared to be human feces spread on the wall near the north side of the building, Willey said. Officers also recovered a pair of underwear on the ground. There were no witnesses according to the report.

Other crime

The most common crimes on campus are property crimes.

We all believe that we’re all Titans. That’s not quite the case. There’s a lot of people from the outside that wander the campus, some of them are here for nefarious purposes.” Willey said.

Bike thefts also rank high on the list of common crimes. To combat the issue, University Police invested in a bait bike program within the last year. Out of the four times the bait bike was put out, two arrests were made, Willey said The bike is equipped with a GPS  and it alerts University Police when someone has touched or moved it. Willey said the program is designed to discourage bike thieves from operating on campus.

Registering bikes with University Police and using U-locks can help students avoid having their bikes stolen, saidWilley.

“If you have a really expensive bike, it’s something you probably want to keep in a room if you can and pay good money to have a good lock. The cable ones will get cut,” Willey said.

DUIs were also frequent throughout  summer Between June and August, six people were cited for DUIs adding up to a total of 16 DUIs so far this year, Willey said..

Despite the crimes that do occur around campus, Willey said CSUF remains a relatively secure campus.

“We have some employees that we work with that have come from all over the United States working at different colleges and universities. They kind of laugh at how tame it is here,”  Willey said.

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