A fresh perspective from a freshman at CSUF

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CSUF students carrying bins on move-in day
Josh Halim / Daily Titan

One moment, you’re shopping for decorative pillows, fuzzy slippers and the cutest school supplies. The next moment you’re watching Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer” with your dad for the 100th time, realizing you won’t be able to do this anymore once you’re off at college.

You’re sad because you’ll be leaving those you’ve loved and have been loved by. But you’re happy and excited because in a few weeks you’ll be on your own for the first time, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures.

Getting ready to go off to college can be exhilarating, especially if you’ll be living in an unfamiliar and larger city.

But when the weeks leading up to move-in day dwindle down, you realize the time spent at home and surrounded by your loved ones is coming to an end.

Last November when I was filling out college applications, I knew Cal State Fullerton was where I wanted to go to school for the next four years. The beautiful campus, the outstanding academics, the diverse variety of extracurricular activities, the inclusivity and Titan pride — I loved it all.

I still remember the day I was notified of my admission. I’d never been more thrilled and I couldn’t wait to tell my family the incredible news. They’ve always been so supportive and encouraged me to do my best in everything I’ve taken on, and because of that hard work, I was accepted.

They knew this was my first choice of school so they were all proud; it was a great day.

Once I accepted my offer of admission, I attended Welcome to Cal State University, Fullerton Day in April, an event with workshops and events geared towards the college experience. After spending a day on campus, I was practically ready to move in.

The school’s pride in embracing diversity  and encouraging individuality was prominent. I appreciate that students and staff can explore their passions and interests through all the available clubs and activities .

It isn’t difficult seeing myself joining and becoming part of such a remarkable community. In fact, it’s a dream come true. I feel confident, and I am ready to grow as an ambitious student and young woman.

The toughest part of this transition thus far has been getting used to the idea of leaving my family behind while away at school. My family lives three and a half hours away from Fullerton, which is why I’ll be living on campus in a dorm.

I’m very close with my family; whether it’s my grandma or three-week-old cousin, I can already feel how much I’m going to miss them, and sometimes it makes me sad.

But I also know I’m ready for this adventure to begin. I’m prepared to learn lessons, face a new environment and live the life my family has prepared me for.

I’m certainly going to miss my loved ones; there’s no way to avoid that, but it’s not a matter of leaving, it’s a matter of going off and embarking on this journey. And I couldn’t be more elated for that.

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