Fixing freshmen woes: the best places at Cal State Fullerton to beat the heat

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A girl riding a unicorn floatie rides a wave coming out of a water fountain.
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Any lost freshmen anxiously wandering around Cal State Fullerton’s open desert-esque campus in search of their classroom might find it tempting to spend their free time locked in their car with the air conditioning on full blast.

Don’t be that person.

It’s unfortunate that California’s summer heat doesn’t really end in August (really it can sometimes last until November) but this one’s for all the sweaty newbies.

Taking a quick break and suffering through one of the more popular and frequently crowded spots like the central Quad or the Titan Student Union presents an opportunity to be a normal, boring person who spends their time meeting new people. Instead, venture out to see the campus with this little list of far more exciting and perhaps somewhat dangerous locations.

This list includes both shady outdoor and indoor options. Some for the people who prefer to be one with nature while still sheltered from the blistering sun, and others for those who prefer the comfort of four walls and the security of knowing where every class is located.

Indoor options

If silence and solitude are most desirable, then hiding in the basement floor of the Pollak Library or College Park might be the best bet. Both locations have a dark, mysterious quality to them, reminiscent of an abandoned childhood playground in the middle of the night.

It’s the sort of place someone interested in psychological-horror or crime films might be inspired by. Maybe that’s why these places typically only have classes for journalists. While spending time there, try making ghost sounds to see if anyone gets spooked.

For those who aren’t willing to trek further than a few feet from their classes, the cold, hard floors of McCarthy Hall or Langsdorf Hall might be a better option. Often the location of many first-year schedules, these buildings aren’t too difficult to navigate. For the best experience, simply lie down in the middle of one of these floors and hope to not get run over (too much) by the frequent hoards of students exiting their classrooms.

Another option to explore is the Clayes Performing Arts Center. Although it’s a bit of a maze to get around for any inexperienced freshman (or inartistic senior), aimlessly walking around may kill an hour in between classes. Just be careful of falling into a lull and accidentally blurring one white wall with another. A crumb trail might help with this one though.

Outdoor options

Instagram addicts or those with a flair for the dramatic may be immediately attracted to the water fountain in front of Langsdorf Hall. Don’t just follow these instincts, let them take control. This is the perfect place to reenact the opening credits scene from “Friends” or take a quick dip with a unicorn floatie once the day is dead and done.

Another equally picturesque location is the Fullerton Arboretum. While it’s a bit of a trek from the center of campus, outdoorsy or athletic people will find this to be the one place to run free and wild, unburdened by expectations of a heavy course load. Here, students can embrace their inner child and climb up a sturdy tree or scream about how much they hate a particular class.

For those who can’t last in the sun for more than ten minutes before burning or sweating excessively, stairs are your best friend. That sounds like a lie, but the stairs along the sides of McCarthy Hall, the Education Classroom building, and Mihaylo Hall all have shade in the afternoons. Lying upside down or sideways on these stairs beats sitting down on a table or bench even if it could lead to a potential accident.

Even if none of these options seem like they are exactly what you want or need, rest assured, it’s the best way to make a few friends with University Police.

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