A s’cool time playlist to ease summertime blues

The end of summer doesn’t have to be a bummer, especially when you have the right playlist to ease the transition into your first day of classes. Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax between classes, or forget about the summer-time blues that are creeping in, this short playlist can get you back on track to feeling nice and relaxed with a mixture of shoegaze, synth-pop and hip-hop gems. All rad – nothing sad to hear here.

“Funeral Song” by Minks says goodbye to summer break in this poignantly upbeat post-punk anthem. The single was first released by Captured Tracks in 2010, and was later featured in their 2011 album “By The Hedge.” It’s the perfect nostalgic tune that says, “So long, summer time, I’m not coming back.”

Mono/Poly eases us into a calm state with the track “Golden Skies,” released in 2014.

“Skiptracing” from the Mild High Club’s 2018 album of the same name is an effortlessly dreamy, light-hearted pop track reminiscent of songs from the ‘60s.

With hazy harmonies layered over Alex Brettin’s soothing vocals, and panning done tastefully on certain percussive moments, the song creates a relaxing and atmospheric vibe during the commute to school. The psychedelic-folk ensemble from Los Angeles was exalted by fans when they opened for Mac Demarco in 2015.  

Ruby Haunt’s “Alone” isn’t afraid to go heavy on the reverb for this synth-pop track. The song released on their 2015 album “Hurt has an airy and distant sound that crafts a sentimental listening experience that’s similar to nostalgia. For what? Who knows, but this shoegaze track can easily be featured on a mixtape with bands like The Radio Dept. and New Order.

Jai Paul’s “Jasmine (demo)” is a single that shoots straight for the soul. The thumping bassline comes in hard, contrasting Paul’s gentle and delicate crooning. It sounds lo-fi like a demo track, but the production throws listeners off with the little details. Choppy and unrefined — yet an unmistakable love song — this 2012 track deserves a place on any playlist.

Sports Coach is a project by Boston-based producer Thatcher May, who releases dream-wave tracks that have a grittier dance beat. “Stretching” is an energetic gem from their 2017 EP “Inversions that could get anyone pumped.

Hovey Benjamin sets the vibe with his 2017 single “Bruh.” Everything about this track is just so clean, precise and smooth.

Rapper Foggieraw gives listeners a track studded in high-to-low-hats on this 2018 single “U Can’t Be My Baby” from his album “Fogtavious Vandross”.

Enjoy this gorgeous throwback from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, “Extended Souvenir.” This is the 2003 remastering of the 1981 original from their album “Architecture and Morality.” The melodic synths punctuate the song alongside the highly energetic beat, making this dreamy pop track a timeless tune perfect for the end of summer.

Kelela creates a dark and highly danceable track with her single “Rewind,” which flawlessly perfectly captures the essence of a summer fling. Her sultry and whisper-like vocals lead listeners through an electro-R&B rendition of a love letter, making this 2015 single a reminder that there’s no point in lamenting the end of summer if there’s no way of rewinding it.

Junior Boys has been serving the electronic dance scene since the ‘90s and continues to bring the hits. Their single “Over It” off their 2016 album “Big Black Coat” released in 2016 is no exception. The vocal effects give the song a romantic tone without compromising its dance-ability, and is an exemplary way to conclude the ending of summer break.

Thanks for listening!

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