Indivisible CA-39 member and CSUF Professor Shana Charles running for Fullerton School District Board

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Professor Charles speaking to Indivisible about her plans for the Fullerton School District's Future.
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Indivisible CA-39 is part of a national activist group started in 2016 that organizes and retaliates against actions and legislation from President Trump and the Republican party across various districts in the United States, according to their webpage.

California’s 39th Congressional District has activists in the community for the grassroots movement, and meet regularly as the Indivisible CA-39. Their latest meeting took place at the Fullerton Community Center on Tuesday to discuss their current state of affairs and the Fullerton District Board elections in November.

Kevin Te, a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and member of Indivisible CA-39 since last September, said it is important the organization continues to have regular meetings.

“I was looking up many volunteer opportunities for candidates, organizations, or various issues and Indivisible was in one of them,” he said. “Initially they were a group that would gather around and protest outside Ed Royce’s office. He announced he would not run, and I think that was partly because of us putting pressure on him. But it’s grown to even more things.”  

The general meeting included updates on various policies and events that were happening in their district, as well as several guest speakers to talk about upcoming elections and the community.

One of the guest speakers at the event was Cal State Fullerton College of Health and Human Development professor, Shana Charles, that is running for a board member position in the upcoming school board elections in District 4.

Charles has been a member of Indivisible since 2017 and became Co-Chair of the Action Committee. Prior to the 2016 presidential elections, she said she had worked not only as an educator but also in policy making.

“What I wanted to do was help legislators with data. That’s how I became an expert on health insurance,” Charles said. “I worked with the California state legislature and I was one of the researchers that was very involved in getting the Affordable Care Act passed in the first place; giving the data to support (it). That, to me, is one of the greatest things that I’ve done professionally.”

Charles said she had made the decision to run for the school District Board in more recent years looking to make a political impact. The Fullerton School District Board oversees 20 schools with an age range of K-8, along with several preschools.

“I’m really a teacher at heart. An educator, and that’s what I support,” Charles said. “And you know, school board. That’s a good place to look. I looked at the Fullerton School Board and I found it was (mainly) Republicans,” Charles said.

Charles said she will be running against Janny Meyer, the current vice president of the Fullerton School District. While Meyer does in fact already hold a position on the board at large, she is technically not the incumbent as District 4 has never voted before and will be presented equally on the ballot with Charles in November, according to the health and human development professor.

“I really consider myself to be the swing vote. When I win this seat, this board flips blue,” Charles said.

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