Several elevators at Cal State Fullerton are missing current permits

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Elevator permits are out-of-date.
Photo illustration by Dominique Villamor

Cal State Fullerton has multiple elevators that are out of compliance with the California conveyance code, which states “no elevator shall be operated without a valid, current permit” issued by the elevator district office.

College Park elevators display permits that expired on April 28 and the Humanities and Social Sciences building displays a permit that expired on June 16.

The elevators in the Titan Student Union, University Hall, Pollak Library and McCarthy Hall all have temporary permits posted inside of the conveyance.  

The university has a total of 77 elevators on the main campus. Each elevator must be inspected at least once a year, except in special circumstances, and have posted proof of an up-to-date permit and inspection, according to the State of California Department of Industrial Relations website.

The California Department of Industrial Relations confirmed in an email that each of the elevators on campus were inspected by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health between July 10 and Aug. 3.

The elevators in the Titan Student Union, University Hall, Pollak Library and McCarthy Hall all have temporary permits.
(Riley McDougall/ Daily Titan)

However, not every elevator has been issued a permit. Forty-two of the 77 elevators on the main campus have been issued permits.

According to an email from the Santa Ana District office, CSUF elevator inspection schedules have been consistent since 2016. CSUF elevator permits were issued on July 15, 2016 and Aug. 16, 2017.

Not all of the elevators’ permits on the main campus have been issued for the year of 2018.

Chi-Chung Keung, director of news media services at CSUF, spoke on behalf of the university’s facilities department, who declined to comment.

Keung said not every elevator on campus has been issued its annual permit. However, he said all of them have received their annual inspections.

Linda Gutierrez, billing department manager with elevator company Lift Tech Elevator, said the state is typically six to nine months behind on inspections.

“(The inspectors) probably haven’t been on site for a year going on almost a year and a half, which is unfortunately typical. They are just really behind,” Gutierrez said.

The elevator company is responsible for submitting the compliance to the state’s office by the deadline of its permit expiration, according to an email from Gutierrez.

In order for the permit to be issued, two requirements must be met.

First, all mechanical issues must be corrected and “corresponding compliance sent to the state’s office.” Second, the university must submit payment for the conveyance fee. The fee is similar to that of a car registration, Gutierrez said.

Both of these steps must be completed before the state can issue an updated permit for each conveyance. Elevators are out of compliance with the Elevator Safety Order if they are continuously operating without an up-to-date permit posted on the physical elevator.  

Keung said the elevators that do not have temporary permits posted may have required mechanical updates and will not receive an annual permit until the Department of Industrial Relations comes back to double-check that those updates have been made and the elevator is within compliance.

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