Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ airs fantastic premiere

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Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee face each other.

The season nine premiere of “The Walking Dead” titled “A New Beginning” begins at what seems to be about a year since the characters were last seen. Communities have been rebuilt, groups are working together (for now) and Maggie’s baby was finally born.

The premiere gives hope that the characters will start a more peaceful chapter. However, anyone who watches the show regularly knows that when the characters seem to find any sort of peace, tragedy is waiting to strike. This means that fans can look forward to another season full of emotions.

In the season eight finale fans may have been left with mixed feelings. In that episode we saw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a villain fans equally love and hate, fall from power. This left the question of what would become of the communities he once controlled.

Some may have been rooting for Negan’s death in hopes that he would finally get what he deserved, but it seems many fans wouldn’t be happy to see Negan leave the show entirely.

While we know he didn’t die in season eight, episode one of the new season showed no sign of him.

The story follows the characters in their efforts to restart a new life for themselves. They look to American history for inspiration in building their society. The first episode has a slow start, taking time to show the situation the characters are now in.

This seemingly peaceful opening is well within the same form as past season premieres of the show with the exception of season seven, a premiere most fans will never truly recover from.

For horror fanatics, in true Walking-Dead fashion, the season nine premiere features amazingly hideous rotting corpses that only want to consume human flesh. The show is seemingly going back to its roots, with scenes sure to cause anxious feelings as fans fear for the lives of their favorite characters.

The show’s history of independent female characters is a part of what makes it so great. For example, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) embodies strength and intelligence, and like the other female characters on the show, she is a fighter.

After watching her husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun), get brutally murdered while she was pregnant with his child, she took over a community and became a leader in season seven.

With the start of this season we see that Maggie is the only female character in a real position of power. In this episode, we see her authority questioned and Maggie makes a tough but deserving decision.

She plays a key role and will surely continue to throughout the season.

The premiere was a great start and thanks to the show’s vivid characters, “The Walking Dead” will continue to gain loyal fans who will love, laugh and cry along with the characters.

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