The ‘Mayans M.C.’ takes ‘Sons of Anarchy’ to a new level

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The “Mayans M.C.” season finale gave fans an answer to the season’s biggest mystery, but brings more unanswered questions in its wake.

FX announced “Mayans M.C.” will be returning for a second season, but there isn’t a set date so far, meaning fans will have to wait a while before getting some answers.

The “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff began its first season by telling the story of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, played by J.D. Pardo, and his journey as prospect for the Mayans motorcycle club. His older brother Angel Reyes, played by Clayton Cardenas, is already a fully-patched member of the M.C. and is his sponsor.

Fans may have hoped to see EZ finally earn his patch as a full member in the ending of season one, however, that may be something to look forward to in the second season.  

This show is very much about family and brotherhood, not just among the two siblings that share blood, but also among the members of the club.

Brotherhood was a major theme in “Sons of Anarchy,” but in the Mayans spin-off, there are actual brothers as the two main characters. This brings a new perspective on the role that brotherhood plays throughout the series.

We see that Angel and EZ have a close relationship throughout the episodes, but nearing the end of the season, that bond is tested after Angel finds information that changes his attitude and trust toward his little brother and his father Felipe, played by Edward James Olmos.

This all plays out in the last episode and the audience finds out what this means for EZ as a prospect for the club.

The final episode features a mini crossover that true fans are sure to love. It might seem that this merger will come to a quick end, but the story line suggests that it is setting up to be something bigger that will continue into the next season, so fingers crossed until then.

Midseason, we saw a familiar face, U.S. attorney Lincoln Potter, played by Ray McKinnon. Some may recognize him from season four of “Sons of Anarchy” as the same playful and somewhat odd antagonist. Rather than setting his sights on the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, he has now shifted his attention toward the Mayans Motorcycle Club, specifically on EZ Reyes.  

In the season finale, Potter forces not only EZ, but also his older brother Angel, to make a difficult decision that will majorly impact the lives of these characters.

Potter isn’t the only connection to “Sons of Anarchy” seen throughout the season. Gemma Teller, played by Katey Sagal, makes a cameo in one episode during a scene that takes place in the visiting area of a prison.

Then there is Chucky, played by Michael Ornstein, who is a regular on the show, but also originally comes from “Sons of Anarchy,” and who apparently ends up with the Mayans after they win him in a card game. Viewers also get the mention of Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam, but don’t get to see an actual appearance.

This finale was a great ending to a great season. It left fans satisfied while also giving them something to look forward to. Creator Kurt Sutter did a brilliant job building the universe that is “Sons of Anarchy,” and will continue that in the world of the Mayans.

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