College of Communications to get renovated success center

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The inside of the Student Success Center on the sixth floor of College Campus.

Cal State Fullerton’s College Park may have a renovated Student Success Center as early as fall 2019.

The current center, located on the sixth floor of College Park, serves as a waiting lobby for students who are seeking advising in its offices. There are new plans to move the center to the second floor of College Park, with an entire wing dedicated to open space. As of now, there is no confirmed timeline or production in motion.

“If we can, it would be nice to open it in conjunction with a natural time frame of students, like a grand opening that’s available in the fall semester,” said Deanna Leone, associate dean of the College of Communications. “I anticipate we might move sooner than that, but that would probably be a naturally occurring timeline.”

This space would allow students to socialize and study, in addition to receiving academic advising resources, graduation advising, tutoring and workshops, Leone said.

“I have no doubt that students don’t find the Student Success Center currently because of it being on the sixth floor and because of the way that you walk into it. It feels like you’re walking into a singular office. It’s small and it’s tight,” Leone said.

According to a survey conducted by Associated Students, the Student Success Center is often forgotten by communications students who frequent the building.

The survey, which was conducted in front of the College Park building, found approximately 39 percent of students were not aware that their academic college had a Student Success Center.

This feedback reached Associated Students’ representatives, who then relayed the information to the College of Communications dean’s office.

“One of the reasons we keep getting feedback about the upstairs space is because the wait times for students to see the advisers can be longer than they prefer,” Leone said.

The current Student Success Center doesn’t compare well to other success centers on campus, said Mark Mumford, Associated Students’ College of Communications representative on the board of directors.

“Our current Student Success Center just has a few chairs and tables where others have physical spaces, workshops and tutoring available for students. A lot of Student Success Centers have students that just hang out, so we wanted a more central space,” Mumford said.

Ideas for a renovated Student Success Center had been a goal for about three years, and have been on the agendas for Associated Students’ board of director representatives before, Mumford said.

Before the administrative offices on the second floor of College Park can be relocated to Titan Hall (corner of State College Boulevard and Dorothy Lane), fire marshals must first approve the building.

It’s anticipated that a response will come in January, and that the renovation will occur over the summer, said Noel Quinones, College of Communications student leader.

The renovation wouldn’t require any intensive construction, but would repurpose the floor for its new intent. The restructuring would not demand tearing down walls and would not interfere with classes or student traffic, Leone said.

“The success center would enhance what we currently have on the sixth floor advising center and create more of a student-centric, student-focused area,” Leone said. “This new space we’re hoping can meet those objectives.”

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