Crime log: a DUI, a switchblade, a bait bike and a stray dog

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Cal State Fullerton’s University Police remained busy over the last several weeks with a bait bike catch, possession of a switchblade, a stray dog in the Arboretum and a DUI automobile accident on State College Boulevard.

Possession of a switchblade on Nov. 2

At the beginning of the month, University Police received a call about someone tampering with a car in the Nutwood Parking Structure, according to University Police Capt. Scot Willey.

“When the officers pulled up, they saw him holding wire cutters looking like he was cutting out the muffler,” Willey said.  

When University Police officers confronted the man about what he was doing, he reacted aggressively.

“He started cursing and calling them some pretty bad names,” Willey said. “When they checked him to see if he had any weapons on him, they discovered that he had a 4-inch spring-loaded blade knife in his possession, basically considered a switchblade.”  

Possession of a switchblade with a blade longer than 2 inches in public is prohibited on a college campus under California law. The man was charged with a misdemeanor.

Police later confirmed that the suspect had been asked to work on the car and was not illegally tampering with the vehicle.

Bait bike catch on Nov. 9

University Police employs a bait bike program on campus to help catch repeat offenders on campus. The bike is equipped with a GPS that alerts them once it’s moved outside a certain radius, Willey said.

On Nov. 9, the bike made it as far as Placentia and Chapman avenues before University Police caught up with the driver. The suspect’s name was Christopher Hudacheck and it was his second time taking the bike.

“We were all shaking our heads, nobody could believe he was a re-offender on our bait bike, but he was,” Willey said. “He was a heroin and methamphetamine addict and he said that he stole the bike just to ride it around.”  

Stray dog in Arboretum on Nov. 25

University Police were called out to deal with an unattended dog running through the Fullerton Arboretum. Upon arrival, the dog ran up to the officers, and they were able to contact the dog’s owner.

“We found out that the owner lived around the corner, so our officers just took the dog to the owner and released it. That was a good one,” Willey said.

DUI report on Nov. 30

At around 11 p.m. on Friday, a 911 caller reported a possible hit-and-run on State College Boulevard, Willey said. A woman ran into the electric vehicle charging stations outside of Gym Drive, got out of her car and then tried to walk away.

Her blood alcohol content was .26, over three times the legal limit. She was quickly arrested and was charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

“Those are misdemeanors unless they’re involved in an accident where they injure somebody,” Willey said.

Korryn Sanchez contributed to this article.

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