Column: From a Mt. San Antonio Mountie to a CSUF Titan

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A photo of transfer student Julian Serrano in front of Cal State Fullerton sign.

At the age of 17 I began my first semester at Mt. San Antonio College. I recall feeling overwhelmed yet excited as I began a new chapter of my life.

High school was in the books and the transition to the community college was underway. It was a bitter beginning, but as the semester progressed, so did my adjustment. Fast forward two years and the jump from Mt. SAC to CSUF finally arrived, mirroring the transition from high school to college.

The same emotions were rekindled, but this time I had my experience from Mt. SAC to ease the transition to CSUF. Settling all the paperwork was chaos from financial aid, to admissions and records making the transition a bit tedious.

Nonetheless, walking the campus has been quite rewarding. I have taken time to appreciate my efforts, realizing that those endless nights of studying during community college were worth every second.

Of course, the campus has its upper edge compared to the community college, but CSUF won’t ever take away from the memories made on Mt. SAC’s campus.

The people and the classes are just a few of the many aspects that I miss as I begin my time at CSUF.  As I move forward, my new journey at CSUF I will bring the same emotions that I felt at Mt. SAC to this new experience.

For me, this change will take some getting used to, but as the semester unfolds I’m sure the transition will become easier.

I’ll no longer feel intimidated by the size of the campus nor overwhelmed by the hundreds of opportunities that are offered here. Rather, I will be a part of these opportunities and embrace every second of them.

Leaving the school I attended for nearly three years of my life has been harder than I’d ever thought it would be. The connection that grows between the school and yourself becomes unbreakable even after your time is up.

Regardless, the welcoming environment from the staff to the students has been remarkable and has been one of the reasons why I’m eager to begin my first semester as a Titan.

A new journey is unraveling right before my eyes and now it’s solely in my hands which direction to take.

From the first time I walked the campus of Mt. SAC to the first day I walked the campus of CSUF, I felt the emotions of a new beginning, but really my first stop of my education has been completed and my last stop is underway here at CSUF.

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