Review: “The WIZRD” by Future offers listeners a glimpse into his life and decisions

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An illustration of rapper Future in front of a night sky and standing over a boiling purple witch's pot.
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From the “Astronaut” and “Hendrix,” to “Fire Marshal” and “Pluto,” hip-hop artist Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, best known as Future, has taken on multiple identities, yet has made it clear that there are meanings behind the different titles.

The Atlanta artist has evolved through his different albums and identities to create another persona he proclaims to be the wizard of hip-hop.

This leads us to his seventh studio album, “The WIZRD.”

Days before the album released, Future gave fans a little taste of the music by putting snippets of different songs on his Instagram stories and pairing them with pictures of various villains such as the Wizard from “The Wizard of Oz,” Saruman from “Lord of the Rings” series and Lord Voldemort from the “Harry Potter” series.

The 20-track album runs for an hour, a typical duration time for a Future album. It also features popular artists like Travis Scott, Gunna, Young Thug and producer Tay Keith.

With “The WIZRD” currently sitting at number one on Billboard’s top 200 albums, this puts Future at six number one albums that have made the famous chart.

Future has managed to collect these accolades in less than a four-year period.

Billboard compares this to English music icon Elton John’s success, as he was the last artist to have that same amount of success in that short amount of time.

The length of the album may seem long, but with smooth transitional flows from one song to the next, listeners can easily immerse themselves in the storyline within each song.

Future takes listeners through a journey of his life, explaining who he is and the decisions behind his actions. The rapper starts the album off with “Never Stop,” a song that displays his pride and highlights how far he’s come as a musician.

Throughout the song, it becomes clear to the listener how thankful he is for the milestones he’s achieved, and that he has no intention of stopping.

Future fans are also reintroduced to Future’s boastful side on “Promise U That,” as his cockiness is clearly displayed in his lyrics: “Came by myself, I’ma leave with your friends I can promise you that.”

“Temptation” takes a different, but not uncommon, route for Future, as the song gives listeners a glimpse into his dark past. The artist divulges the different demons he has faced throughout his life: “It’s so hard, it’s so hard these perkies keep me sane/Well I can’t love her like she need me, that’s what you get when you thinkin’ I’m average.”

For those who are not familiar with Future and want to know what song to listen to from “The WIZRD,” check out “First Off,” featuring Travis Scott. Right when the song starts, Scott’s style is apparent as it is mixed into Future’s slower beats, giving a more universal taste for multiple audiences.

Another track new fans might appreciate is “Unicorn Purp,” featuring Young Thug and Gunna. It came to no surprise that Future and Young Thug, two well-known trap/hip-hop artists, would join in on a song together for the new album. By adding Gunna, the song resulted in a lyrically masterful piece that fans have been waiting for.

“The WIZRD” is a perfect opportunity for new listeners to get a better understanding of Future’s style and who Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is as an artist.

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