Column: Ten tips to fulfill your 2019 New Year’s resolutions

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An illustration of a girl contemplating New Year's resolutions.
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January is almost over, but 2019 is still full of experiences waiting to happen. For some, the first month of the year promises great change and self-improvement through embracing New Year’s resolutions or it holds a future of uncertainty and confusion.

If the new year hasn’t been as amazing as you had first expected, fear not, because anyone with a goal must fail a few times before they reach it. That being said, here are a few tips to make those goals more attainable.

First things first, other than being naturally driven and being born with the godly desire to succeed, you must hold yourself accountable.

For instance, have your parents wake you up every morning by repeatedly shouting, “You’re a disappointment!” You’ll be so annoyed that it’ll motivate you to get a job so that you can move out and never have to hear those words again.

Second, consistency is key.

Saving up for a new phone or a new car can be difficult when there are three boba shops at every corner, and your cravings tell you to buy one before class every Tuesday and Thursday.

In these types of situations, it’s best to make a pros and cons list. You might be due for a phone upgrade in a few months, but your phone has five distinct cracks on its screen and dies constantly.

Or perhaps you have a 1996 Camry with dysfunctional windows and car doors that must be unlocked manually, but you can still get from point A to point B.

The clear choice is to buy those boba drinks. Dehydration is a serious issue and since most boba drinks are caffeinated, they’ll also give you more energy to be more productive.

Third, you have to be realistic.

Let’s say you’re a basketball player trying to improve your shooting percentages. The reality is you can’t go from making 10 percent to 80 percent of your free throws overnight. Set a more attainable goal and play an easier sport like golf instead.

Fourth, stay faithful. “You should never give up on your dreams” is a nice cliché, but have you ever tried praying?

Fifth, always look at the glass half full. The decision to go vegan this year has depleted the funds in your bank account, so you can now only afford to drink half a glass of kale juice a day.

Sixth, if you’re comfortable with your current situation, you’re not growing. It’s important to keep challenging yourself so that you’re improving even after your goal has been met.

Say one of your resolutions is to dress nicely more often. Perhaps your goal is to look fashionable at least four days a week, but why stop there?

Someone who is serious about their resolution would dress stylishly, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

In fact, forget wearing old t-shirts and running shorts to sleep; silk pajamas are now your go-to nighttime look. While you’re at it, toss those raggedy sneakers in the trash because 2019 is strictly for crocs.

Seventh, keep your priorities straight. This year you’re going to live your life by being a yes man.

However, when someone asks you to play Super Smash Bros. with them at midnight on a Wednesday, knowing you have an 8 a.m. class the next day, what do you do?

You say yes because your priorities are your resolutions, and when your professor asks why you were late to class, a simple “yes” should suffice.

Eighth, celebrate your small achievements. Any step towards your end goal is evidence of change and should therefore be praised.

Maybe you’ve realized that your best self in 2019 is going to be your strongest self. Every time you reach your personal record on those bench presses, post a picture of yourself on Snapchat, flexing your muscles, so that everyone else can celebrate your gains with you.

Ninth, leave toxic people behind in 2018. You’re 22 and still trying to make a living as a DJ, but your parents won’t support you until your big break? Disown them.

Finally, surround yourself with the people, products and press you trust. Since you got to the end of this article, it’s clear you have an intoxicating addiction to articles published by college newspapers.

For your New Year’s resolution, keep the Daily Titan as your number one source for news and you’ll never know disappointment again.

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