Adult film stars need the same professional protection as other industries

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Most people would think that sites like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu attract the most visitors, but the real answer may surprise you. Porn sites are actually the most visited sites on the web today, receiving more visitors than Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix combined each month, according to the Huffington Post.

Due to the moral ambiguity and the nature of industry itself, the term adult film or porn is still perceived to be a taboo topic by many people. Despite its immense popularity, porn isn’t a topic that is commonly addressed in conversations without a sense of humor or silliness.

There seems to be an unjust negative stigma that revolves around adult entertainment performers and how they are seen within a professional setting, but adult film stars deserve the same professional standard as people in other professions.   

Seventy-nine percent of American men and 76 percent  of American women from the age of 18 to 30 watch porn on the net at least once per month, according to a pornographic statistics compiled by Covenant Eyes.

Thanks to free adult film websites like “Pornhub,” “Xvideos,” and “Tube 8,” porn has become easily accessible, giving us the power to satisfy our deepest, dirtiest, sexual fantasies.

Digital adult film platforms such as these have boosted not only the accessibility of adult film, but they are also stimulating the overall financial growth and profitability of the industry. XVideo alone is bigger than Dropbox, CNN, and New York Times put together, so it’s no surprise that the adult film industry makes up a significant portion of the economy.

Adult film businesses now generate around $5 billion annually in the United States, according to a poll by XBIZ, an adult-entertainment trade publication.

Adult film stars, some of whom perform on a daily basis, generate as much money, if not more, as any other professionals in other industries. A top performer like Jenna Jameson has a net worth of about $30 million, whereas model Kate Upton’s net worth falls short of $10 million. Adult film stars can be paid just as much or even more than any other popular celebrity.  Adult film performers produce content that stimulates economic growth and production.

Adult film performers face many health risks, so regulation is necessary to ensure their safety,. In 2016, the state of California tried to provide a regulation through Proposition 60 which would have required adult film stars to wear condoms at all times while filming, but it failed to pass

The fear of sexually transmitted diseases among performers is justified, as there have been cases of male performers accidentally transmitting HIV to other female performers.

Former adult film star Darren James said experienced this firsthand when he contracted the virus during an HIV epidemic that happened in the San Fernando Valley in 2004, according to the Los Angeles Times. Unaware that he was HIV positive, James unintentionally spread the virus to at least three different female performers. The incident shut down filming production for a month.

The government needs to work with the industry to provide regulations that are reasonable without harming the industry. This will help to ensure that this profession can be maintained in a sustainable and protective way just like a regular industry in the business sector.

Sex is human nature and everyone does it, the only difference with performers is that they get paid to do it. It is time for the public to see this profession in a more economically and socially progressive way.

Having sex on camera and getting paid to do so will always be questioned by our society but we cannot deny the fact the sheer financial number of the business and how it makes up a big part of the modern economy.

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