Devil’s Advocate: Age gaps don’t affect compatibility in relationships

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two couples each sitting at a table, one couple is the same age, the other couple is an older woman and a young man
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Dating and finding a person fit to be in a long term relationship with can already prove to be very difficult. Finding someone who shares the same interests, is goal-oriented, and likes you back, can all seem like impossible tasks.

These factors can become very time consuming when looking for an ideal romantic partner, and age does not have be another contributing factor that keeps someone from being with who they want to be with.

Age differences do not matter in terms of romantic compatibility.  After all, dating isn’t about age, it’s about building a genuine connection to someone and relating to them through common interests or ideals.

Sure, some may argue that it is easier for people to relate to each other if you’re born around the same time. This makes it easier to understand the same popular culture references, and share a similar mentality. However, for the same reasons, dating someone of a different age could result in an exposure to new interests you would have never thought to look into.

Dating someone that is older, even just five to ten years older, could provide you with a much different perspective than your own . Possible exposure to the culture and references that the other person grew up with could in turn be the reason you possibly adopt them into your own personality.

Similarly, dating a younger person could result in the same type of exposure to new ideas. Getting different people’s perspectives can aid a lot in maintaining a healthy relationship. Learning about a partner’s life could help to better understand them and ultimately be a key ingredient in maintaining a  good relationship.

It is entirely possible to learn new things from someone who is a similar age to yourself in a relationship as well. This is not to say that couples with big age differences are more successful. However, some people might have a preference for dating people of a different age. Finding someone that is more compatible on a mental age or maturity level may be exactly what someone is looking for in a partner and could be the thing that makes them overlook age difference.

Young people  may be in a stage where they still want  to casually date multiple people, making it difficult for others who are interested in them to see them as a  long-term partner. However, someone that is older, might be looking to settle down and start a long-term relationship, making them a perfect contender for those looking for lifelong partners.

Dating is so much more than just finding someone that is within the same age range. If the goal is to find a long lasting partner, then looking for someone you connect with, relate to, and like spending time with, is more important than any number.  

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