Bring Me the Horizon fans experience nostalgia

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Fans of all ages gathered at The Forum on Wednesday night to see Bring Me the Horizon, an English rock band who played to what they claimed to be their largest crowd in Los Angeles yet.

Thrice and Fever 333 joined them for their “First Love” world tour. After much anticipation and one too many electronic songs during intermission, the lights dimmed and fans roared.

Lead singer Oliver Sykes, walked out, flaunting Valentine’s Day-themed pink hair with X’s, O’s and a sprayed heart as the spotlight shone only on him.

Bring Me the Horizon opened their setlist with “i apologise if you feel something,” the first song off their new album, “amo.” The slower, experimental jam then broke into their heavier lead single “MANTRA,” which made the the crowd go wild.

The fans screamed the opening line, “Do you wanna start a cult with me?” and Sykes took it from there. Bodies hurled around the crowd, getting pushed and pulled in every direction.

Sykes called for a circle pit, and the band began playing “The House of Wolves.”

They then performed their new song “mother tongue” and followed with “wonderful life.” Although “amo” was released a few weeks ago, a mass number of fans chanted every single word.

The band played a few older songs, including “Shadow Moses” and “Happy Song,” giving the crowd a chance to release some angst and go absolutely berserk in the pit.

Sykes gave an emotional performance during “Can You Feel My Heart,” which got the best of a few of the fans. He got down on his knees and belted, “Can you help the hopeless?/ Well, I’m begging on my knees/ Can you save my bastard soul?/ Will you wait for me?”

The energy from the crowd was chilling as they sang in unison.

Sykes encouraged attendees to take out their phones and get on their friends’ shoulders for the next song. The first few notes indicated it was the somber love song, “Follow You.” The venue was immediately lit up by the spotlight and a sea of cell phones on flash with females sitting on their friend’s or partner’s shoulders.

The band performed one of their most popular tracks in the album, “medicine.” Sykes’ energy on stage was contagious, as he seemed to have a great time performing and wanted others to share those same feelings.

Bring Me the Horizon closed their setlist with an acoustic version of one of their most well-known songs, “Drown,” before promptly leaving the stage.

A chant of their song, “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” off their 2008 album, “Suicide Season,” started shortly after. Soon enough, the air was filled with suspense and the lyrics, “We will never sleep ‘cause sleep is for the weak,” indicated that the fans were ready for more.

Bring Me the Horizon came out for an encore and the entire venue cheered, reinvigorated and ready to sweat some more.

They kicked off their encore as Sykes delivered a passionate performance of “Doomed.” The lyrics, “So leave a light on, I’m coming home/ It’s getting darker, but I’ll carry on/ The sun don’t shine, but it never did,” brought him down to his knees.

Sykes proceeded to ask the crowd if they wanted to hear their old material, and although he mentioned how he could potentially damage his vocal cords, fans fired right up.

Consequently, Sykes reported a few days later the concert that Bring Me the Horizon had to cancel their remaining North America tour dates due to a ruptured vocal cord.

Bring Me the Horizon evoked longtime fans with an intense nostalgia and played a medley of “The Comedown,” “(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa” and “Re: They Have No Reflections.” Sykes proved he still had it in him to scream and growl like he did in their first two albums from over a decade ago.

The band began playing their another popular hit, “Throne,” which ended up being the last song of the night. Sykes told fans that he would not allow them to stand still, prompting people to jump off their feet and sing the chorus.

Attendees sprung again when it was time for the final bridge, and as soon as the last chorus concluded, confetti was released into the crowd and Sykes stage dove, wrapping up the song’s final lines.

Fans cheered one last time as the band said thanked them and wished them a good night.

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