Crime Log: Man wields knife in Fullerton, online fraud and three arrested for drinking

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The Fullerton Police Station at Commonwealth Ave.

Fullerton Police Department and Cal State Fullerton Police Department responded to an array of criminal activity over the past month, including incidents such as online fraud and minors in possession of liquor.


Minors in Possession of Liquor

On Saturday, two underage females and an adult were arrested for drinking in a parked car at a downtown Fullerton parking structure. One female was below the age of 21 and the other was a minor, according to Fullerton Police Department Sgt. Carin Wright.

All three were drinking in public. The adult was arrested for providing alcohol to a minor, the minor was arrested for being in possession of alcohol and the underage woman was arrested for possessing an open container.

“Everybody pre-parties or tailgates in the parking structure. It’s a major problem because everyone is too cheap and poor to go to the bars, so they get their pre-party on,” Wright said.

Weapon Brandished

A man brandished a knife at the Fullerton Howard Johnson Inn on Friday.

As he was leaving the pool area, the hotel’s security asked him why he was there, the man later pulled out a knife and lunged at the guard, Wright said.

Following the incident, the man was pulled over by Fullerton police and the guard identified the individual, who was then arrested.

No injuries were sustained according to Wright.


Fraud Case

On Jan. 17, a student reported fraud through Paypal after trying to sell something online. While these types of cases aren’t common, they have been increasing over the last several months, according to University Police Capt. Scot Willey.

It’s not a huge issue right now but we just saw a couple more than what we usually see of our students that are being involved in some sort of fraudulent deal over PayPal,” Willey said.

Mental Disturbance

Students reported thoughts of harming themselves to Counseling and Psychological Services on Jan. 24.

“We had a couple of these, these first couple of weeks. The good news is that they’re going to get help and sometimes we’re just called in to stand by and help them with that process,” Willey said.

There are different procedures the police can take for incidents like this, Willey said. Sometimes a county psychological evaluation team is sent to make an assessment of the individual, which is what happened in this case.

“Most college campuses nowadays are seeing a pretty large increase in these types of calls and it’s something we take very seriously. Each one of them is a concern and we’ll just do everything we can to make sure they can get the help that they need,” Willey said.

Criminal Threat

A man threatened to kill another man at the Target parking lot off of Yorba Linda Boulevard on Jan. 28 as he may have believed his wife cheated on him, according to Wright.

“That falls under criminal threat. If you made a threat like that and you are in the vicinity and have the ability to fulfill that threat,” Wright said. “It doesn’t sound as glamorous as what you think a terrorist threat is.”

Wright added that crimes like these are not uncommon because they require the victim to fear for their safety and believe the perpetrator can fulfill the threat.

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