Devil’s Advocate: Dating apps are a convenient way to find love

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Online dating is growing to become one of the most popular methods of how people meet each other and according to eHarmony, 40 percent of Americans use online dating services.

There is a wide variety of websites and even apps, such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Dating apps may seem a little scary with all the horror stories out there about how people lie about who they really are.

Some people dislike the stigma attached to dating apps, either. Tinder has earned a reputation as being a strict “hook-up” app which has prevented people from using it. However, it is fairly easy to pick out the people that are there for the fun versus those who have ulterior motives.

These platforms are beginning to pick up on these concerns too and many apps include features to personalize a profile to specifically help find the right person. Bumble’s features allow individuals to select specifically what they are interested in obtaining while on the app.

Some preferences include, “relationship” “something causal” or “don’t know yet” and will appear on a person’s profile that allows users to know how to interact through the platform, according the the Bumble app settings.

Some may think that meeting people in person is easier to form genuine connections. Although a fair viewpoint, it is definitely easier to open up an app and talk with people that are already mutually interested with each other.

Sometimes life can get very hectic and busy and although a relationship or dating seems fun, there isn’t just enough time in the day to build those personal interactions. With online dating, it is already established that you and another person are there with one goal in mind: to date.

Talking to someone on an app and asking them out on a date alleviates the fear of embarrassment from a possible rejection. Since most interactions that occur between people on online sites are electronic, getting to know someone is less stressful than an in-person interaction. Users could potentially meet their future partners while they’re texting in pajamas.

While it can be fun to get to know a classmate or colleague romantically, not everyone has opportunities to meet new people. Online dating presents a pool of available  individuals that are local to the area. Apps like Tinder allow users the choice to alter the settings to only show people within a specific age and location range. This narrows down the options so that people can find what the user prefers.

Online dating is also particularly helpful to individuals of the LGBTQ community. Meeting someone in real life, it may take time to get to know that person and to find out if they are interested in a romantic relationship.

There may be some individuals who abuse online dating apps and a person may not end up finding the perfect date. However, with the variety of online dating websites out there, interacting with new people can be easier and less stressful especially for those who despise social interaction in the real world.    

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